If you haven’t heard of Space Yacht, I’m here to fill you in. Space Yacht is a weekly event, thrown in Los Angeles, every Tuesday. The best part is, you never know who is going to end up playing!
It is usually thrown at Sound Nightclub, but this past Tuesday Space Yacht had a bigger show for Halloween. This time they had three stages and a variety of different artists. They coordinated this spooky event at union nightclub, packing it out with people who love the music.

Via @spaceyacht Twitter

The three stages were displaying different types of music from house to riddim to trap and everything in-between. Each stage had its own vibe which was just amazing.
Aazar was up first & had everyone going wild. He was playing nothing but great trap and even some jersey. He had the whole crowd bouncing and going wild. Every time I see Aazar he never disappoints.

Via @spaceyacht Facebook

DUCKY was playing over at the main stage. I’ve personally have never seen her perform live, but let me tell you – SHE IS AMAZING! This is one talented girl; DUCKY played every genre I could think of, she had all the fans going absolutely crazy. For sure she was the best performer of the night.

Not only did DUCKY, an incredible female producer and DJ, crush Space Yacht.. but so did 2 other DOPE women by the names of Reidspeed & Wenzday! Props to breaking boundaries ladies!

Via @spaceyacht Facebook

Lastly, they had Dack Janiels close out. Let me tell you, the floor was shaking. Every time he comes and performs, he doesn’t let his fans down. He played so much riddim and dubstep, the crowd just loved it. His set was definitely the wildest.

Via @spaceyacht Facebook

If you’re in LA I suggest you check out Space Yacht. They NEVER fail to put on a great show and always have some seriously amazing artists.

Connect with Space Yacht: Space Yacht | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Posted by:Christina Groves

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