New month, new raver.  However, this isn’t any ordinary choice… Trillvo’s very own founder, Raychel Harvey, chose November’s spotlight raver herself – Ineke Sproet.  There’s no doubt that November kicked off with a great start for the city of Houston, so with that said, what better way to celebrate H-Town pride other than with our hometown rave babe.

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First Times a Wonderland

People say to walk through every door that opens your way.  Little did Ineke know that walking through the doors to her first rave would open up an entire new wonderland! Yup, you guessed it, Foam Wonderland was the very first rave she attended back in 2014, but that was just the beginning.  It certainly didn’t take years for her to work her way to a major festival like Electric Daisy Carnival: Las Vegas, because that’s where she was the very next year, and the year after that.

Although nearly everybody illustrates EDC as “amazing and indescribable,” everyone experiences it differently.  Like how many people get to say they celebrated a joint bachelor and bachelorette party at EDC?  – “Our whole group was out and about in Vegas, which made things crazy fun!”

“This time I had a year of raving, so I knew who my favorites were and the music I was crazy about.  All the sets I saw that year were mind-blowing and had me dancing non-stop.  I got stopped by one of the videographers to dance for them because of how awesome I looked.  I found myself being part of the footage used to promote EDC LV 2017, which was awesome to see.”


 “I’ve known Ineke for a little over a year now and she is nothing short of a ball of sunshine. When I first met her we spent all day together with a group of girls at the Ren fair and I knew I loved her already but It wasn’t until our first show together that I realized how dedicated to the shuffling life she truly is. Ineke can DANCE! She shuffles like no other and is so well known for her abilities that fans run up to her at fests to tell her how much they love her videos!” – RayTrill

Unique Ineke: Q&A

Q:When did you get into shuffling and what made you want to try that?

“When I was first going out to raves I would see people shuffle and immediately wanted to learn. When Oliver Heldens was on tour, he opened up a video shuffling contest for tickets and a meet and greet in Houston. This was the very reason why I ever posted a video of me shuffling on Instagram. Since getting some great feedback I decided to post more, which blew up big time. Ever since then I haven’t stopped.”

Okay, so even though Ineke didn’t exactly win the shuffle contest, she still had the best seat in the house with those front row views and still managed to meet him after the show!


“I got the chance to hand him this awesome Oliver Heldens themed perler, which he took, showed off on stage, and wore for the rest of the show.

Q:What does an ordinary day look like for you outside of the edm scene?

I’m a full time student majoring in Environmental Sciences. I also work at Coach so majority of my time is always taken up between school and work. On some free days I try and make myself a shuffle video, and the weekends can be filled with shows. I have a few friends that DJ and they’ve been getting booked a lot so I’m always out to support them. Plus getting out on the weekends lets me dance away all my stresses from my crazy week days!

Q:Are there any ravers you look up to as an inspiration?

“I look up to Gabby David, because she overcame Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), which at one point caused her to not be able to dance when she’s been dancing since three.  She got herself to dance again, started to shuffle, and is an extremely well-known for it now.  She’s been interviewed by Pasquale Rotella [CEO of Insomniac Events] himself and was featured in Don Diablo’s music videos. Plus, she is so kind and goofy, I would love to meet her.”

Q: Do you see yourself as an inspiration to others?

“I never saw myself as an inspiration, but once people started to recognize me from my shuffle videos, telling me how I got them started into dancing and lots of other sweet things, I now think that I am.”


Disco Queen

Need help picking out your next rave outfit? Just ask Ineke! I mean look at her, stunning with a keen sense of style; H-Town ravers definitely know how to make a fashion statement.

“My festival style is awesome. I can’t really find one word to describe it as. It’s fun, cute, and sometimes dark. I really enjoy basing my outfits around a theme and sometimes around the type of music I plan on listening to that day.”

Wondering where ‘Disco Queen’ comes from?  Here’s a little Ineke fun fact: she fell in love with disco music with the help of her favorite DJ, Oliver Heldens – as if you didn’t already know the answer to that.  Heldens introduced Throttle to his fans, an Australian DJ/producer well-known for his ‘Dirty Disco’ podcast and Ineke was loving it.

“My obsession with disco balls has gone out of control, from disco ball keychains, to a little one hanging from my car rear view mirror.  Plus, I bring my collection to decorate any parties my friends throw – they call me the Disco Queen!”


A Wicked Weekend

Halloween is just not complete without some spooky fun.  What better way to get into the spirit other than Houston’s very own Something Wicked EDM festival!

“It was my first time at Wicked and it was seriously so fun.  Of course the weather was a little chilly, but that was easily fixed with constant dancing and a fur coat.”

You know damn well Ineke won’t go anywhere without her own flare of fashion following her around like a sore thumb.  Check out this amazingly cute outfit she put together for her Something Wicked weekend!  Look out y’all…a wild Ineke in her unicorn form wanders around.  Really though, she’s rocking that princess unicorn vibe.

Here’s a list of some DJ sets Ineke chose for to attend for this weekend:

“I started off at Buku and his set was crazy!! Plus the sunset at the time was beyond gorgeous to look at.  After that was Rezz, who is always phenomenal and such a trippy show to be at, followed by Malaa, this set had me dancing so hard.  To top off the night with groove master Claude VonStroke and the feels of Above and Beyond made it complete.  I couldn’t pick a favorite, I literally had a blast at every set!”

The Community

Something I love about the community is how fun it is. It used to be super PLUR (peace, love, unity, and respect) but it has slowly died down from that. Still exists though! Everyone is at the show or festival because they love the music, love to shuffle, to flow with whatever flow toys they love. Everyone gets to express themselves in a way you can’t really do in everyday life, at festivals especially. You get the opportunity to dance your heart out however you want, and dress however you want. We are all there to have a good time so there’s so much positivity around.

Connect with Ineke Sproet: Instagram 

Posted by:Nina Lakhiani

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