Virtual Self-Ghost Voices

If you haven’t already clicked that link above to hear this song, you should! It’s the 2nd single from what could be assumed to be an upcoming EP/Album from Virtual Self. Unless you’re a die-hard fan, you’d probably be surprised to know that this is Porter Robinson’s side project. Little is known about Virtual Self yet, but if you’ve heard “Eon Break” and now this track, you’ll know Porter is definitely going back to some old roots.

Virtual Self

Hearing “Ghost Voices” for the first time, it immediately took me back to the 90s techno era when House and Trance were both emerging. This track evokes both flavors as it encapsulates you with its House beat and then gives off an almost Trance vibe during the breaks/buildups. Hearing songs like this and “Eon Break”, I can’t help but think back to those old school video games that seemed to inspire tracks like these. This track reminds me of some catchy menu music you’d hear in a Marvel Vs. Capcom or Tekken game, and I absolutely love that feeling of nostalgia.

With curiosity building even more for what Virtual Self will continue to be, I’m willing to be whatever comes next is worth waiting for.

For more on Virtual Self, follow him on Soundcloud:

Posted by:michaelplacencia

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