Riggi & Piros have finally released this big room gem after three very long years of waiting. This track had been teased on the app. Vine (RIP) for so long. I have heard it twice live: once from Carnage on his “Parental Advisory” Tour and another time by them when they were on tour with Deorro and Dirty Audio earlier this year.

They give you a mere few seconds to get ready for the first drop. It brings back great memories of the past shows I’ve heard this track live from, the people I raged with, and seeing the visual production go off with it. The second drop is where it thrives though. Leading into the second drop Riggi & Piros give us a warning with storm horns because this second drop is a level 5 hurricane! They jumped the beats per minute to a hard house level and then hit you with the trap switch up. To give some imagery for the second drop, imagine a pit crew going to town on a race car in the middle of hurricane.

This track, no question, bangs heavy; trust. If you don’t believe me, listen for yourself.

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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