The morning of October 28th was colder than most as it hadn’t been in Houston all October. Cold enough in the biggest city in Texas to wear a jacket. Fall had finally come in full force and just in time! The previous night was spent at Spire Club Houston raging to Warez, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta & Doctor P! It was the perfect way to get people ready for an incredible weekend to come and made the short 2 day festival we were about to attend, feel like 3 to us.

My Photographer, Victoria Garces and I, woke up at 8am to fix some breakfast and pack up our gear to head to the most prominent, all EDM festival to hit our city every year; Something Wicked.


Something Wicked was the first festival I ever attended. When I set foot inside the festival grounds, my eyes gravitated towards the elaborate wardrobes, the dazzling flow artists, and the totems flying high with pride. I saw crowds gathered in front of stages set ablaze with lights, all of them dancing to rhythms dictated by the music. It became abundantly clear to me that these festivals represented something much greater than just “a music concert”. – Wil Rios

The Layout

We hit the ground at 2pm so we could map everything out at the festival before the stampede of people arrived and check out the improvements to the stages. The festival isn’t that big but the way it’s mapped out makes for such perfect circulation. With 3 stages triangulating around food, drinks and a cool meeting place in the center!

In the center of the triangular map was a super cool meeting spot, a spooky water tower with chains cascading out in different directions from the center made for excellent backdrop visuals for pictures and when lit up at night, the perfect chill spot to escape the madness that is the crowds, or to sit down for a bite to eat.


The grounds at night were quite a sight to see, all the tree’s were lit with different colored lights that made you feel as if you were in a magical forest!

The Stages

The stages boasted huge upgrades this year which is debatable amongst a few, but thankfully, Trillvo is writing this review!

ATLIENS36 (1 of 1)-2

To the right was the main stage which boasted a Major makeover from last year! We thought the design of last years semicircle with a giant skeleton was a bit basic and we are a huge fan of this years stage in comparison.

Improvement to this stage:

We do wish it maintained the Halloween theme though.


To the far left was the Bass Crypt, We were huge fans of the design of this stage! The screens made the visuals look so badass and the Huge State of Texas visual in the center of the vortex repped our state with pride.

Improvement to this stage:

The Texas Outline was a little off.

In between the Main stage and the Bass stage, pressed back at the tippy top of the triangular map, was the Mystic Meadows stage. This stage had such a dope vibe and an artistic design featuring a web of lights in the center that made for fantastic light shows all weekend.

The Vendors

It’s always nice to see cool new places to explore at festivals, awesome new shops and who doesn’t get excited about food!

The Food & Drinks

Besides having barefoot wine sampling in the center of the festival, I counted about 5 different bars for convenience when wanting a drink, including a giant bar right in the center next to the lockers! Chicken Fingers and Fruit smoothies were available along with carnival food. Free water was present all over the festival as well.

The Burger Joint had been calling my name since we entered Wicked. Typically the overpriced food at festivals is mediocre but to my surprise this burger was dank.-Giovanni Hyde

Who doesn’t love food trucks? Wicked invited some of Houston’s favorites with The Burger Joint, Shawrma Point & Ishi Ma Sushi! YUM!

At the Johnnie Walker booth, 21+ festival goers could come in and make their own free drink under the recording of a gopro and have the footage texted to themselves and the Witch Craft bar had an outstanding assortment of Craft Beers.

 The Shops


The We Rave Hard booth, a Houston favorite, was present along with Nite Lite Nite Life, Vapewell & Electric Family.

“This nice vape shop owner from dallas got vapes for me and my group so we would quit smoking after we gave him some gum. Sent us 3 free top end vapes. Stand up community.” -Fred McCullough


 Our favorite vendor was definitely the free virtual reality tent! How cool that people could and experience VR for free, we hope to see this again next year!

Live painting at Something Wicked

The Staff

Disco Donnie staff is always so upbeat and happy; we think it stems from working for such a cool company. We even ran into the man himself, Disco Donnie, and Destructo roaming the grounds!


Security and the Boys in Blue

We love seeing how attentive the security is at Disco Donnie fests, whether running around passing out water or making sure everyone is safe, we can’t thank them enough for making sure we all have a good time safely.

“My favorite moment was losing my phone and then next morning the festival called like 15 people in my phone saying they had it, with my credit card and my ID still in it 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼” -Cimaron Prosch

The Performers

Once again, the performers were outstanding! From their costumes to their joyful presence throughout the festival, the performers are such an intrical part of what makes festivals so much fun!

Squads, Costumes & Totems

You know what makes a festival truly great, the people that come from all over to experience it simply for the love of music! We love to highlight some of our favorite squads and totems and this festival is even more special because we get to highlight costumes! Hope you guys enjoy finding yourself!

“I took my cousin from Tennessee. He’s never been to a show much less a festival. Not an hour into the first night a girl asked to get on his shoulders. The smile on this kids face was so priceless. The feeling I got from showing him a new world. Too many emotions.” -Tripp Watkins

Of course the Neon Shadows were there in full force to enjoy the hometown festival!


One truly fun part of the culture of festivals are totems! Here are some of our favorites!

The Music

The main reason we come to these festivals year after year is undeniably the music. We got a chance to catch as many people as possible and here’s what we thought!

Day 1

Wes Walz – We started off our day with Wes who is also one of the head honcho’s at Spire Houston! Wes was such a smooth way to start our experience spinning deep house and every range close to it.

Monstar – A Houston favorite and for good reason, Monstar rocked the Bass Crypt!

Wes Walz on the mainstage, Day one of Something Wicked.

Seb – He was killing it with trap & Hip Hop! We were actually pretty blown away by his transitional skills

Dillon Nathaniel – This has to be one of my favorite sets of the weekend! He brought his own unique House sounds to the Mysitic Meadows stage and everyone around us was shuffling.

Warez – Warez threw down some grimy filthy dubstep! He played as soon as the crowd started getting packed and the head bangers were out in full formation, he even debuted a new song with Wooli!

Warez rocking the Bass Crypt.

Rickyxsan – Rickyxsan is AMAZING as a producer and just as soon live. He tore up the bass stage with his own unique trap and hybrid sounds, playing new collabs between him and Ricky Remedy.

Party Favor – Party favor always succeeds in doing exactly what his name says! He bring the true party vibes playing high energy sets full of genres from every spectrum you’d hear at a crazy house party

Party Favor at the mainstage

K?D – I think K?D Was a favorite for tons of people, he hit on every genre and really just blew people away with the vibes he created.

Buku – Buku threw the FUCK DOWN. I’ve actually seen him play before but for Something Wicked be brought the HEAT!

Buku at the Bass Crypt

“The biggest surprise of the weekend for me was Borgeous, Ive seen him many times and though he is always good, never have I seen him throw down like this. Definitely in my top 3 for the whole weekend.” –Dustin Scoggin

REZZ – For Rezz.. I actually got up close and personal, i stood right next to a giant speaker touching the stage and let her insane dark midtempo vibes carry me into my own little world. I had heard before but this time.. it was just special.

Rezz at the Mystic Meadows

Graves – For anyone who got the chance to see Graves, you were blessed by the undeniable sounds of Graves phenomenal trap and bass productions.

Malaa – Theres never been a time where I’ve went to hear Malaa throw down his gangster house sounds and not been entranced by the groovy vibes he creates and this time was no different.

Malaa at Mystic Meadows

Space Jesus – My favorite part of Space Jesus’s set was when he spoke into the mic and told everyone to close their eyes and just meditate to the music and for 2 minutes everyone seemed to do just that.

Space Jesus at the Bass Crypt

Claude Von Stroke – We closed out our set with CVS the dirtybird king. it was the perfect set to end our day 1 experience with.

 “I would have to say it was went Above & Beyond played Thing Called Love… it’s a song that reminds me of an ex, it’s really hard for me to actually even listen to it in the car nonetheless in a concert. I thought I was going to start freaking out and then I guess the girl that was next to me sensed it so she just grabbed my hand raised it in the air and started singing along with me. All of the sudden I felt like this big weight has been lifted off my shoulders, it was intense. And after all those years I was able to replace the sad memory with a beautiful one” – LeRoy Rubio

Day 2

Atwood – The hometown boy THREW DOWN to open the Bass Crypt on day 2! He played tons of his own music which is what we love to see.

Atwood rocking the Bass Crypt

Saylus – Rocked the Bass Crypt right after Atwood with straight filth!

Saylus murdering the Bass Crypt with Wubs

ATLiens with my favorite set of the weekend, they put together a CRAZY set full of transitions that had my face twisted up into bass face the entire set.

ATLiens at the Bass Crypt

Quix – Quix is a trap legend and played a legendary set full of ID’s and crazy drops

My favorite part of Something Wicked was when Bleep Bloop said “this is for anyone who has ever wished they were a tree” – Sarah Dickens

Quix at the Bass Crypt

What So Not – with his unique chill trap and future sounds, What So Not will take you on a trip, it’s super chilld and perfect to catch a breather from all the wild sets.

NGHTMRE – Honestly, when does NGHTMRE not throw down one of the best sets of the weekend?

NGHTMRE at the mainstage

Tchami – What a beautiful house set, dropping his own hit songs like promesses and other songs from artists on his own Confessions Label.

“Just sitting on a little hill watching the magicalness of Cosmic Gate while all the lasers and musical notes danced around the sky. I could feel the energy and vibrations from everyone and everything. Felt my roots stretch into the ground absorbing it all” – Angel Nicole

Zeds Dead – The dedicated know, you never hear the same Zeds Dead set twice. This one was a treat. Tons of house and deep down low dirty bassy dubstep. The crowd was eating it all up and i got emotional when they played some tracks off of Northern Lights

Zeds Dead at the Shadowland’s Main Stage

My favorite moment had to be when Fadi (Aly & Fila) played “Children”, my #1 track of all time…I legit shed some tears, the timing, the visuals, the the overall mood was soo perfect for that moment – Jamie Alfrey


RL Grime – We closed out our night with RL Grime… it was magical, the absolute perfect way to end Something Wicked. His set was entrancing and beautiful, he played so much of his own discography from Reims to Tell me.

“The way RL GRIME open up his set his set with his mike oldfield tubular bells intro edit and then he starts transitioning to His song era but then right before he era starts you hear Halloween will never be the same 😭 that shit gave me chills!” –Erick Dimas

Vini Vici –
The insanely unsubtle pounding of Vini Vici’s world renown psytrance. This year was my first opportunity to witness the power of Vini Vici’s magic, hearing his relentless bass in my headphones could’ve never prepared me for the maddening energy in his drops. – Giovanni Hyde

“My favorite moment was during Vini vici. I tend to stop and stare at people and see their reactions. I looked back during the Vini Vici set and saw someone with his hands up, eyes closed, smiling from ear to ear and embracing the music. I could feel the cold air in my face and everyone around me was dancing. I saw complete happiness in him and as if for that moment he forgot anyone else was around him as well. I felt his happiness. It was a beautiful moment to capture and it replays in my head every time I think of Vini Vici”  -Mayra Medniola


Tiesto closing day 2, the song he played, the fireworks, the feeling that everything is going to be fine even if it lasts for a while. The people i was with. I closed my eyes for a little bit and i felt at peace for the first time. I was so happy to be there “ -Diego Valladeros

What could be Improved?

I’d definitely like to see the fest put more money into decor. I felt there was so much that could be done with the theme they chose and I really wanted to feel like I was in a scary Asylum. I think it would be super cool to see maybe a small haunted house. The halloween theme is so much fun and I want to see it played up a little more.

We all know Something Wicked is known for the dust, which actually can make people sick after inhaling for long enough. We think the grounds could be watered down a bit before the fest starts or maybe providing bandanas upon entering to guests could be a low cost solution.

I believe that production value of wicked was not up to par this year, decorations were few and far between, I wanted to feel like I was in an Asylum, I didnt even really feel like I was in Halloween. The stages we’re just okay- I definitely dont feel like they stuck to their theme. -Dustin Scoggin

Something Wicked & Hurricane Harvey

Something Wicked is Houston’s pride in an EDM festival but a month before, a Hurricane swept through our city and flooded our homes and businesses. The loss for some was great, but what did something wicked do? they made it their goal to raise money for the city, raising over $160,000 for Hurricane Victims! We want to say thank you for that Disco Donnie Productions! It means so much to us that you guys are giving back to the city that hosts you every year.

Thank you

Thank you so much for having TRILLVO out to cover another Disco Donnie Festival! We are proud to continue working together and love being able to review what we love! We can’t wait to be back next year!

Being that Something Wicked is only three street lights away from where I spent the last sixteen years of my life growing up, this festival holds a special place in my heart. It’s one thing to experience an out of state festival and feel as if your at home. No words could do near justice to the level of divine peace I felt being a part of so much breath taking music and in my own backyard no less. Houston always will be my home and I’m positive whatever festival comes our way next, will have a pretty high standard set for it after living through yet another Wicked Hallow’s Eve Adventure. -Giovanni Hyde


Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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