Ah, Zedd. This artist is very special to me because he’s been a big personal influence with getting me more into the entire scene ever since hearing his Clarity album back in 2012. Since then, I’ve seen him every single time he’s been to Houston! And even elsewhere at other festivals too. However, when it comes to Zedd bringing his tour to Houston, there’s something special about it. That’s probably why this is my tenth time seeing him on tour! That’s right, ten times. Before I delve into why this is my tenth time seeing Zedd, let’s dive into the artists he’s brought with him this time around for his Echo Tour: Lophiile and Grey.

Grey (pictured below)

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While I wasn’t able to get any pictures of Lophiile, his set was pretty impressive for being the first opener of the night. Being a new artist, Lophiile definitely impressed me not only with his set, but the guy can ACTUALLY DJ! When I say that, I mean it in the sense that he actually scratches and dj’s in a more traditional way – he does it like a pro. I don’t know much about Lophiile, but watching him spin everything from remixes of today’s top hits to future bass, jersey club, and more, it really made me happy that he was catering to the crowd in the best ways possible.

Grey is who I was really eager to see. I’ve been a huge fan of their remixes for Zedd’s songs such as “Beautiful Now” and “True Colors.” Their unique style shined that night as they played music off of their new Chameleon EP, and they really PERFORMED! I had no idea both brothers were talented in not only just mixing and singing, but instrumentation as well! It was a very cool blend to see one mix or play guitar, while the other sang and played keyboard.

All in all, Grey put on a fun show and were kind enough to even take pictures with fans after they performed. These two guys are definitely artists to look out for in 2018! But now it’s time for the one artist we all came to see…

Zedd 1

If you’ve seen Zedd before, you’ll notice for this tour he’s changed his setup. No longer is there a single giant Hi-Def LED screen. Instead, there are multiple massive LED screens with a single raised platform for Zedd to (literally) take center stage. All of this is hidden behind a big curtain that rose once the show started, which was also capable of showing music videos too! Although he played songs from his past two albums (Clarity and True Colors), Zedd also dropped a lot of surprises. One of them being the best remix of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” I’ve ever heard, which boasted tons of heart-pounding bass as well as the lights to go with it. All while the “Thriller” music video played on the giant curtain when it lowered just for that special treat.

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Aside from little surprises like that, Zedd also dropped songs from Tchami & Malaa, Daft Punk, Knife Party, and even included a little hardstyle in his set too. There truly was something for everyone during his show, and that’s one of the main things that makes me keep coming back to see Zedd. He not only hops genres, but when he does it usually surprises the listener by keeping them even more satisfied from what came before. The visuals and lights are one thing, but when the music matches along with impresses due to Zedd’s mixing capabilities, it makes for such an immersive experience. As an added bonus this time around, every person who attended the show was given a special light up bracelet, courtesy of TMobile. These bracelets all glowed as one during certain songs Zedd played throughout the show too!

Zedd 11 Zedd closing out his show with one final song

Zedd gave the entire crowd at the Revention Center one helluva show. There’s a reason I’ve seen him 10 times now. It’s due to his unwavering talent and attention to detail. His excessive work for anything the crowd is responsible for seeing or hearing, and his dedication to his craft, his passion, and most importantly…his music. Zedd is someone who truly encapsulates what it means to be an artist. From being classically trained at a young age, to crafting EVERY SINGLE SONG he’s produced by first playing and coming up with each melody from playing the piano. For me, that’s TRUE artistry. And that’s why I thank Lophiile, Grey, and Zedd with so much gratitude for respecting the art of music, and making me proud to call myself a fan of each of them. I can’t wait to see where each of them go next. Especially in 2018.

For more on Zedd, Grey, and Lophiile, follow and check them out on Soundcloud. Links provided below:

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