Joaqu.n is originally is from Venezuela, but at young age his family had to flee to The United States as political refugees. Once in the U.S. they resided in Houston where Joaqu.n began learning how to DJ and produce. Fast Forward a few years, 25 years old, Joaqu.n is now living in Austin and is hustling his way through the live music capital.

Baby Photo from Instagram Joaqu.n

Just starting his first residency, you can catch Joaqu.n and his mellow trap and hip hop sounds every Saturday at the Eastern, in Austin, Texas. Producing beats for a large portion of Austin’s hip-hop scene, throwing and being booked at some of the dopest events in Austin and working on his own new music; Joaqu.n is literally everywhere right now.  Check out his new track with Stefon Osae, “Happily”

Photo by @thriftycollective

Recently, I got to catch up with him and pick his brain a little bit about his influences, his goals and what to expect when going to one of his events. Here’s what he had to say:

Exclusive Interview Here! Press Play!

The future seems bright for this young creator. I’ve seen first hand the kind of work he puts in, how much people support him, his songs getting already up to 50k listens on Soundcloud. When you meet Joaqu.n, you aren’t just meeting a musician, a photographer, a businessman or a networking genius but a genuine and loving guy. He’s one of those guys that you can just feel his love for the music. Maybe I’m biased because I have followed his career for so long, but I think in time, this kid will be unstoppable.

Photo by @troyezeq

Connect With Joaqu.n: Facebook|Twitter|Instagram|Soundcloud

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I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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