I walked into Mala Luna Music Festival with nothing but high expectations after their killer success from their first and previous year.  We wanted more, and so they delivered by relocating to a much larger location at Nelson Wolff Stadium with an additional stage.

The festival celebrated its second annual event this past Halloween weekend, October 28 and 29, in San Antonio, Texas.  The two-day music festival played host to over 50,000 total attendees, which nearly doubled from the inaugural event in 2016.

There was so much excitement in the air for this highly anticipated weekend in San Antonio which was filled with nothing but great music, energy, food, and fun.

mala luna - aaronmichaeltx


Mala Luna proved for the second year in a row that it is truly unique, paying tribute to the San Antonio cultural celebration of Dia de los Muertos through a highly curated festival experience for all ages, there was even an arcade!

One of my favorite things was the live painting done by artists during the festival.  It’s incredible how they each begin from an empty white canvas and work up a wonderful masterpiece in the end.

I know they got me captivated for a while – definitely made for great entertainment!  Here is some of their spectacular work!

Canvases weren’t the only things getting a makeover; face-painting was also available to achieve that perfect Halloween look.

Mala Bites

Oh the food.  Definitely my favorite thing about this entire festival – aside from the music and performances of course.  The diversity of flavor and selections available literally catered to every single taste bud.

I guarantee that there was something for everyone; whether it was savory tacos, hot-dogs, fresh fruit, loaded fries, corn on the cob and the list just goes on and on.  Just in case you’re feelin’ hungry, here are some pictures of scrumptious food for you to drool over.

food - m.nn.rz



As the Sun slowly goes down day one of the festival and the chatters get louder before Carnage gets on stage. The crowd keeps filling as the time get closer and next thing you know ITS CARNAGE TIME! “San Antonio” he yells at the top of his lungs. He starts MURDERING his set! Launching bangers out if those subs and all of sudden, you hear the Chant from the “Melody” remix done by Lunatix & Kionne.


Everybody’s going crazy and just when you think Carnage can’t drop anything else, he sets up to drop “In The Pit!” I fight my way to go get to the mosh pit, Lil Jon is almost finished screaming his instructions and then “NOW ACT A GOT DAMN FOOL!” The pit closes up , I’m pushing people, dropped a couple bodies, and ran out because I couldn’t take anymore of it! But man Carnage did what Carnage does best, and that’s throwing down one hell of a set!

AB Gonzalez

After all the mayhem of Carnage’s set, I was about to see my favorite rapper.  Wiz Khalifa. Wiz Was the perfect vibe you wanted after a heavy Carnage set.  Starting off with “Bake Sale”, and crushing it, he was only taking his crowd and vibes higher.  Going through songs from those favorite albums and mixtapes he’s released from the past, “Taylor Gang” was one of the songs that got everybody hella lit!

Performing with a live band and his DJ, Wiz Khalifa has an amazing set. He showed off his freestyle skills by ripping apart the instrumental to “Walking On A Dream” by Empire Of The Sun. The whole time he performed, you could see how much he was having on stage from interacting with the crowd!

Lil Wayne’s performance on Saturday brought an onslaught of hits bringing the audience back to those old school vibes of Wayne’s world.  He straight up killed it, everyone was yelling out those lyrics as if their life depended on it.

Mala Luna fest also brought to the main stages a variety of local San Antonio-based music artists, including Intre, Lil Yodaa, and BamsworthBelli.  Let me tell you, Bamsworth put on one hell of a performance making SA proud.  He had the crowd so live, so don’t sleep on him!  definitely one of my top local picks.

 Ooh another one of my favorites has to go to Kurt Rockmore.  I mean this guy knows how to be the Life of The Party, which is actually the title of his newest album that just dropped November 3rd!  I’m really impressed with this project myself and highly recommend you give it a listen.  You’ll find some dope relatable hits like “Stuck in My Ways,” which is one of my personal favorites.

Being one of the first performers of the day, the crowd was totally feeding off his insane energy, he even joined them himself by taking a dive – talk about dedicated crowd control!


If you thought Saturday was lit, Sunday was nothing short of high energy, strong crowds, and insane performances, especially from EDM giants Afrojack and Borgore!  Wow, they completely smashed their sets just to say.  Daddy Borgore brought that sauce to stage and had everyone headbanging non-stop.  Those visual he displayed were hilarious with a trippy touch.

Afrojack was on a different level though, everywhere I looked people were dancing non-stop and forming mosh pits wherever they could!  The scenery was also something hard to forget.  That sunset gave the crowd this golden glow as they partied from day to night.


Mala Luna proudly welcomed headlining performances from some of the most in-demand acts in the country, including hip-hop heavyweights Future and Migos.

The Migos are hands-down my favorite rappers in the game.  Why shouldn’t they be?  They were so LIVE! I swear it seemed like the entire festival was at their set, I was probably miles away from the stage, but that didn’t stop anyone from getting down to those bangers.  Honestly, what Migos song isn’t a banger…

Even though I was some distance away, by no means was it any less difficult to catch a glimpse of them with packed bodies side by side.  I could only imagine how dangerous it was up front!


  Let’s not forget about those local Houston artists keeping it real and showing everyone how to get lit!  Huge props to Trae Tha Truth, Maxo Kream, and a surprise performance from Slim Thug.  Without a doubt these guys made their city proud adding fuel to the H-Town World Series Champions pride still fresh in the air.  I spotted so many festival attendees in Astros jerseys in full support for their city,  including Slim Thug himself!


You would think everyone was dead beat at the end of a two-day weekend raging festival (I sure was), but Future though, he’s just a vital performer you can’t miss.  He wasn’t playing around when it came to challenging the crowd as to whose side was louder.  Even if a lot of people had no energy left in their system, it sure didn’t seem like it thanks to Future.  He really engaged with them for this last set and called it a night.


In the end, Mala Luna was nothing short of a successful weekend.  My only concern was the dust, oh my we were not prepared for that!  But what is there to do other than enjoy the moment and have a great time with friends while living in those incredible performances.  Another one for the books, and an amazing way to spend Halloween weekend.

Posted by:Nina Lakhiani

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