Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for the first official release on Carnage’s Heavyweight Records of a track that is the embodiment of pure rage.  Vlado has created a mammoth of a track bringing along the hype-mistro himself, Tjen, to get your mind, body, and soul prepared for insanity.

heavyweight records pic

The start of the track puts your mind into a setting of a drag race down in Tokyo.  Picture all the lights, all the people from all over the world, and the craziest whips you could imagine.  Then Tjen gets you all types of hype and ready for the first drop!  This drop is filled with heavy drum & bass mixed with jungle terror screeching hits.  For round two, Tjen orders all the ravers to open massive mosh pits and prepare for mayhem that is the second drop.  Similar to the first drop, but with a twist of some heavy bass kicks.

“If you ready for the rumble, then buckle up right now!”

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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