2017 has been blessed with some amazing music from so many talented artists. Kendrick Lamar happens to be one of them. More so, he also happens to have released the one song every artist (both major & underground) have been remixing the most: HUMBLE. With so many “Humble” Remixes, we decided to give you our picks for which remixes won our hearts. So sit down, be humble, and brace yourself for these dope remixes.


It’s actually a remix of Skrillex’s remix. Crystalize is making HUGE waves in the scene right now but this remix got us hooked the minute we heard it. Listed as a Hybrid Trap Remix, it actually sounds like a mixture of both Hybrid Trap and Future Bass. The first drop is full Hybrid Trap, but the inspirational buildup leading to the 2nd drop definitely evokes a more Future Bass type of vibe. Regardless, this remix was absolute fire from beginning to end. We can’t wait to see what Crystalize does next after this one.


One of TRILLVO’s favorite artists, she did not disappoint us with her rendition of Humble! Another remix of Skrillex’s remix. Introing with pure vocals, she used a hybrid Jersey-ish vibe to remix this track. She incorporates and her own incredible style to make this track stand out from other remixes. Future vibes can be faintly heard towards the end of the track but her flutters blow us away as an experimental/industrial sound takes her remix to the next level of greatness.

Xwire (Xavier Diaz)

Xwire (or cross wire for those unacquainted to the correct pronunciation of his name) is a local Houston producer who specializes in Dubstep. Xavier just released his remix of “Humble” not even weeks ago, and it has already garnered over 1000K plays on Soundcloud. The remix itself starts off casually enough, but once that drop hits, the wubs come heavy and don’t let up! The second drop is even more intense than the first!

Venessa Michaels

Venessa takes this remix and layers in vocals from Ludacris’s famous track, “Move Bitch” and it blew us off our feet. To have someone connect the dots on these two tracks and interlace house, experimental and jersey bounce into this dynamic remix was everything to us. Unfortunately it can’t be found on soundcloud anymore but we found her talent still on youtube thankfully!


Surprisingly enough, this remix is actually devoid of wubs entirely. Instead, Skrillex decides to keep it simple, with a breakbeat style beat showing up later in the track. This remix is also shorter than most, but Sonny’s more casual approach to this remix can be appreciated.

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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