It was colder than most nights on that highly anticipated Friday, November 17th. Stereo Live was infested with giant bear heads and the kind of fearsome headbangers that would and could fill an Excision show to capacity. I knew full well what PhaseOne & Bear Grillz were capable of. Having seen PhaseOne twice before & having had Bear Grillz’ “Diplo and Friends” mix on repeat for the past week or so.

Coming as a wonderful surprise to me, Kompany  brought his own fire that proved radiant enough to set the mood for what would end up being an evening of incredible magnitude. PhaseOne laid down a few of his all too famous bangers, the most memorable in my favor was “Welcome to the Mayhem”. Such a powerful song accompanied by the striking sound system brought in for this show made the walls shake with terror.

When the man/bear himself finally took the stage a primal energy overcame the crowd. Coming out with his very own “Defy the Odds” set the tone for complete chaos. Then grooving into tracks, such as Zeds Dead’s “Symphony” and Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of happiness” all mixed in with Bear Grillz’ electrifying bangers. One thing that was new to me, was the quality of lasers RJ added into his beautiful production. Never before had I been so decadently mesmerized and simultaneously ready to break my neck. Between all the familiar faces in attendance for that night, all the effortless bangers exploding left and right, I could hardly contain myself. Needless to say, our night with Bear Grillz was one for the books, my hopes are set high for when he makes his way back to Houston.

Posted by:Giovanni Hyde

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