LNY TNZ is the duo that many know for their insane hardstyle creations, but over the past few years they have let the world know that they will not let people confine their creativity in one genre.  This EP, released on Barong Family, embodies everything they preach about, but also paying tribute to their roots.

“Cranked” featuring DJ Paul K.O.M.

The first track is nothing short of turnt. Lyrics by hip-hop icon formally of the notorious rap duo, Three 6 Mafia, brings nothing short of hype and rage before each drop.  The first drop hits you with a mix of hard house with a festival trap feel.  The second drop they pay homage to their hardstyle roots with another trap switch up, which is sometimes needed after raging your face off to some hardstyle.

“Rakataka” featuring Mr. Polska

LNY TNZ & DJ Punish both have very similar sounds and creative processes, along with Mr. Polska bringing his tight and intense vocals to have the crowd going all night.  This track is for all my jungle terror animals!  The second brings the two worlds of jungle terror and hardstyle into this beautiful mesh.

“The Hardest”

Barong family member, Boaz Van De Beatz, joined along side LNY TNZ to create something that I did not think would work initially.  The first drop made me picture the hardest and worst tuned trumpeter ever, but for some reason my ears enjoyed it so much.  The second drop was where I lost my bearing of reality.  It was filled with that classic LNY TNZ hardstyle kick that got me hooked on their sound in the first place.

“We Go Up”

This is, personally, my favorite track on the EP because it goes hard, but keeps its euphoric feel as well.  They do not mention who is singing these lyrics, but who ever he is, they could not have chosen anyone better.  As a shocker to some, LNY TNZ incorporated very little hardstyle into this track.  The drops are full of the feels of happiness, peace, and love.  You have to smile while listening to this track, not to mention losing your mind at the same damn time.  This track was a phenomenal way to cap off this EP.

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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