Petit Biscuit

We couldn’t think of a better title for this album because Petit Biscuit is definitely letting his “Presence” be known with the beautiful sounds radiating off of his debut album.  For those of you who don’t know, Petit Biscuit is a French DJ/producer, and also one half of indie-pop duo Mount Dreams.  His debut American performance took place right here in Texas at Austin’s Euphoria Music Festival last year.  After this album drop, we can’t wait for his return!

The album starts off with a slow introduction into a beautiful journey, which was completely written, produced, and mixed by Petit Biscuit himself – all while still attending high school, and touring sold out shows.  Presence is a representation of him, and his creative artistic mind. Petit Biscuit is classically trained and it really shines through in this entire album album.

Petit Biscuit
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Creation Comes Alive (Ft. Sonia) 

A perfect title for the opening song, which is a complete embodiment of his vision.  This track sets the pace for the whole album, with a beautiful introduction, and soothing instrumental sounds.  You can legitimately feel the vibes pulsating off this track. Then when you add the final piece of the puzzle, which are the vocals from Sonia towards the last half of the track, you get pure gold! After listening to this first track, you won’t want to stop.


This album titled track is for sure one of our favorites, so much musicality behind this song.  From the mesmerizing instrumental beats at the beginning, to an upbeat electro drop, and then bringing it back full circle by the end to a soothing “Presence” being displayed into its last few seconds.

Waterfall (Ft. Panama)

This track is another one of our favorites. It certainly one of the more “pop” feeling tracks on the album, with lyrics sung by Panama, explaining that sometimes we may be unsure, but if what we have is real you have to take the chance. The lyrics don’t only symbolize that relevant feeling we all face, so this will also be a track we’d add to our “romance” playlist!

The End

The track the ends it all, and the title says all! This song couldn’t have wrapped Petit Biscuits project any more beautifully. One thing the final song the last song on an album should do, is to bring your album for circle. Petit Biscuit not only did that, but went out with a bang with a track that is such a great combination of what his album represents.

Petit Biscuit

If you are unsure who Petit Biscuit is, familiarize yourself with him. This album is beautiful from start to finish. A perfect combination of electronic, house, and instrumental. Sprinkle a little bit of pop and then you’ll have, “Presence”. We promise if you didn’t know who Petit Biscuit was before, you will after listening to piece of art!

Connect With Petit Biscuit: Soundcloud|Instagram|Facebook|Twitter

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