With these two dudes, there is little room to misinterpret WTF they are saying. As the title of their latest tracks suggests, they get “Straight to the Point,” like always.

Craze and Four Color Zack(FCZ) aka , have put out a series of mix-tapes that provide the commentary on this industry, dropping their knowledge on the world in a way that is never not the realest, shiniest dose of dopeness. Keeping it 100 and killing it in the most tried and true, raw hip hop fashion. You just have to respect da f*ck out of their game.

two pennies

Alone, they are two of the tastiest makers out here, and together they bring an honesty unparalleled in the dance music world, and beyond to extend to this universal level that message is true and unmatched in its truth.

From their radio show, where they drop tracks from all their closest friends and musical sphere of knowledge, to the battle royale style mixings that speak through the music to something so much deeper. Through and through, the slowest roasted, oldest school, newest age, enlightened AF perspective that comes through musically in instrumentals and track-to-track.

This nu nu resounds with bass and groove, these qualities by which this dynamic duo embodies.


Don’t call them real DJs, even though that is the epitome of what they are. They aren’t any one thing or another though, and they despise the labels. So let us keep it simple. Just kick up the Craze and Colour, and make any opposition as to what is real, look straight stupid. It matters little where you are or what you’re doing when you hear this track, because you’ll be captivated by the work itself.

You should want to listen to their whole catalogue after this, and then look at the DMC championships they’ve won, and they give them praise for this murderous track, “Straight to the Point.” With this bass heavy, scratchy, funky groove, love it or don’t.

It’s their two cents, and they probably have love for even their haters. Because they are just that f*cking awesome. The premiere came from the site, FUXWITHIT.

And well, we do too. Peep for yourself:

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Posted by:loribegins

If you read, you'll judge. -Kurt Cobain, Journals

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