It was a Wednesday night, many of us were walking to The Dive. This was the first time The Dive has hosted an EDM event. Approaching the entrance, I was greeted by an unfamiliar face, but the atmosphere was calling me. When I stepped in, the old school arcade machines were lined up to the right. On the left you saw the bar hosted by spunky attentive ladies. The sound was already being engulfed by Elemir’s Psy drops. It set such an energetic mood that all of us were awaiting to unleash.

Edric took over with his freestyle! He fed the crowd beats that made jumpstylers jump their heart out. Melbourne shufflers shuffling their pants off. Then the wave of people jumping up and down singing the melody, as if tomorrow is not guaranteed. The moment he dropped “In My House” the entire hard dance crowd screamed with excitement. You could feel the passion of every single fan crawling through your back.

Atwood took a twist of turns with his melodic bass. It got an unexpected crowd uniting to cheer on Atwood. I over heard some of the crowd who had never experienced him before say that Atwood restored their faith in dubstep again!

As 12:30 am was making its entry, the dance floor was over crowded by fans coming from all across Texas to see this amazing Dutch duo, Lny Tnz. This wasn’t my first experience but they blew me away with the raw kicks that had the crowd buzzing with their dirtiest bass faces! The mosh pit that formed from dropping “In the Pit”, took up half the dance floor and had the energy being pushed into a ball of aggression. These guys, dropped some of the best trap I have heard in months with old school hard kicks incorporated! They really do put this “Fvck Genres'” movement in place. If you don’t like hardstyle, they will convert you in a venue.

Just because Lny Tnz set stopped doesn’t mean the crowd stopped dancing. Arson, our hard dance local dj, kept the distorted raw kicks going. He kept the flow of kicks motivating every muscle in our bodies to keep going. Dropping “Pinsir” was remarkable. Every one raised both their fists and “Pinsired” in unison.

Houston doesn’t always get hard dance but when we do, we see a crowd of music lovers unite to keep the music coming to life. Thank you Rage Monsters, for restoring faith into this art. Not only did it make my night, it made hundreds of people’s dreams come true.

(All photo credits are to Vu Nguyen)

Posted by:Ana Alvarado

We all have our different things we're passionate about but after finally finding my place, I feel like I'm at home. Every day I work harder to be better.

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