KAMI, are three souls with one mind, that have an obsession with the hardest and harshest of sounds whether it is hardstyle, psy trance, or riddim.  They just care about how hard the track slaps you in the face.

“No Return” is a Trillvo exclusive and it most certainly won’t be their last.  The title of this track is the perfect name for this track, in that, once you listen there truly is no returning back.  The first drop sends you right into intergalactic hyper speed with the upbeat of some hard psy and then pulling the emergency break with a raw trap switch!  Giving your mind, body, and soul a break in between drops, the lead into the second drop brings images of a sacrifice atop of a ziggurat in ancient Mesopotamia.  With a storm surging above right before the sacrifice, the second drop comes in filled with more of that hard psy, as if the gods were listening.

Be on the lookout for KAMI because they rage 2 hard and they are done playing games with the soft music out there.

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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