Photo by omgitsmattyvee

Gammer, better known as hard dance producer, just released an EP with such unexpected dubstep bangers!

The Drop

This is definitely a track you must check out. With a melodic build between each drop, what is to expect? This has us going from jumping around to headbanging with madness.

Let’s Get Crunk

Then “Let’s Get Crunk” has me wanting to grab my headbanging homies and start a dancing pit. The first drop makes my dirty bass face come out full force. It’s such a twist hearing the riffs building into trap beats but still has a Gammer lift to it.

Stay Tonight Album Art

Stay Tonight

The end of a relationship is tough. The words,”It’s okay if what you want is a break up”, written in the song has us feeling like if you really love someone, let them go, so you can see them be happy. This has put me in a train of thoughts and emotions I didn’t want to have, but hey, we can rage through our emotions.

…Of course we got blessed with a bonus track!

“Beam of light”

Back to the UK roots! This is what we think of when we hear Gammer’s name dropped. We love uplifting vibes and the goosebumps running through our skin. It brought us back to his set at Get Lucky Festival earlier this year. Give these break beats a chance and do your ears a favor.

Posted by:Ana Alvarado

We all have our different things we're passionate about but after finally finding my place, I feel like I'm at home. Every day I work harder to be better.

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