What So Not is known for his unique melodic rhythm but in “Be OK Again” you can feel a fair amount of pain behind this number. As if What So Not wasn’t enough of attention grabber, Daniel Johns features his own powerful influence in this instant hit, making it one of those tracks you’ll just have to keep on repeat. The emotion in this track can be felt on a deeper level compared to previous songs released by the Australian native, with first time original vocals & their own style of writing.


The groovy xylophone sounds creates a presence of wonderment intertwined with the feeling of losing someone or something. Begging the age-old question, “are we ever gonna be OK again?” Personally, I get the feeling he wants you to envision yourself searching for something that was lost.

“We were meant to grow old but now these feelings lay cold”.

As the tempo increases about midway through the song, you can feel the shift in energy. What was once an open wound, is now a strength used to help  move forward in his journey. It isn’t too often that music of this slow melodic caliber sends out healing vibes, but “Be OK Again” crosses that threshold with effortless beauty.

After listening to this song for about the 25th time, it’s more than safe to say, we will all “be OK” as long as artists like What So Not keep pouring the essence of their emotion into their music.


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Posted by:Giovanni Hyde

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