We spend all year listening to music, discovering new artists, watching people’s careers unfold and seeing their progress as those same artist’s spend hours slaving away behind their computers, hoping one day to get the recognition their art deserves. Every year blogs put out end of the year lists and quite frankly, garbage popularity contests of who you should be aware of next year. Typically, those artists have already made it.

We can’t guarantee you that we picked up absolutely every artist that deserves to be on here, we can’t promise that we’ve heard of every artist making a splash in the world, but we definitely tried.

We tried our best to keep the list primarily up and coming artists with a few exceptions that are right at, or on the line, of being too successful for the list. We wish all of you well in 2018 & hope you’re too successful to make the list next year.

Congratulation Artists

-Good Time Miller
-Sweet Teeth
-Sweet Tooth

“2017 was absolutely bonkers one minute I’m busting my ass in the local scene the next thing I know I’m playing a festival and going on two tours, one of which was international. I’m still in complete shock over how much has happened especially since it all happened in the last 6 months of the year. Being on this list is just the icing on the cake because it lets me know that my hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. I don’t want to spoil to much of what coming in 2018 but let’s just say soon your world will be mine.”
-Sweet Tooth


“Extremely humbled you thought of me! 2018 is looking amazing so far, you will be seeing me on a lot more festivals, collabs with some of my biggest inspirations, and starting the year off with a bang. Ill be joining Datsik on his Ninja Nation Tour in 2018!”

-Blunts & Blondes
-Dillon Nathaniel
-Casey Jones

“Hey guys first of all im stoked to be apart of the list this year! I appreciate all the support youve all given me thus far & cant wait to show you whats next. I feel like 2017 was a pivotal year for the come up with my brand & music. I showcased a wide range of the G-House sound and took a lot of risks, but its seemed to have paid off. 2018 is gonna be a heavy one as I’m planning on to release a ton of music & will be working with more rappers for original vocals and features to really try and set the bar for G-House in the future. Cheers”
– Bijou

-Kash Simic

“I’m really honored to have made this list! 2017 was a really productive year for me–I put out my first EP (which charted) and got to collab with my brother Dack Janiels and my girl Reid Speed. I was fortunate to play some dope shows supporting artists like Slushii, Habstrakt, Protohype and getting to play at Burning Man! This year 40oz Cult teamed up with Space Yacht to throw some sick events in Austin for SXSW and takeovers in Los Angeles. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me! Look out for a new EP and a bunch more shows announcements soon :)”
– Wenzday

-Alex Wells
-Jace Mek

“It’s pretty awesome knowing that people are really vibing with my weird music and I’m so appreciative of it!”
-Jace Mek


“The past few years have been all spent hard at work creating the sound that I plan to bring in 2018. I dont give a fuck what people think and Im not holding anything back. I hope everyone is ready for real mosh pits. The Rage Brigade will rise.”

-Sullivan King
-Greater Than
-The Boogie Bandit

“2017 gave me more than I could have ever asked for. I’m so, so thankful for everything and everyone that’s been a part of it. 2018 is about to be even bigger.. that’s all I’ll say.”

-Milano The Don
-Dark Heart
-Lit Lords

“2017 was a learning experience. It really opened the doors for The Lit Lords brand as we were able to bring our movement across the world. 2018 is going to be a key year in our progression where our sound will be fully realized along with the growth of the culture of the still new Hard Trap scene. All of the new ‘Hard Dance’ Artists have uniquely placed themselves within its evolution, and now its time to turn up the heat. We are honored to be recognized by TRILLVO and are excited to watch you soak up success.”
– Lit Lords

-A Boy And A Girl
-Jameston Thieves
-Nitti Gritti

“First of all thank you TRILLVO ! I’ve been producing for almost 4 years now and almost every minute of that time has been spent creating, producing, and writing music. That is all I want share with my peers, fans, and anyone who loves music. I work very hard because I love music before anything else”
-Nitti Gritti

-High Zombie
-Ian Munroe
-Bonnie X Clyde

“2017 for me was great! I released my first EP titled “Mind” went on tour with UZ & Quality Goods Records & also played a ton of my own headlining shows across the country as well! 2018 I plan on releasing another body of work & all the stuff I have been sitting on, merch & planning my first headline tour!”


“This year has been so good to me! I’ve taken big strides as a producer and as a person and my team and I are super excited for all the big things coming for 2018.”

-Bite Me
-Pixel Terror
-Funky Craig
-Donald Bucks

“This year the first time i showed my face as an artist, also the year in which i gave my first performances, it has actually been the most important year for my career  and i still have lots of surprises that I’ve been preparing for the rest of the year. for 2018 i’m coming stronger, and a new sound, i’m hopeful for what is coming this new year. What can i say about being among the producers on this prestigious list, i wasn’t expecting this, is a very pleasant surprise that filled me with joy and enthusiasm to continue to give the best of me.”

-Los Dutis
-Hype Turner
-Happy Colors
-Ghetto Kids

“Thank you for including me it’s an honor for real! 2017 was a a great year for me as well as all my friends, there is so much raw talent and I’m gassed about all the music circulating right now. I’m coming for 2018’s neck!”
– Gladez

-Lights Out

“2017 was one of my more memorable years than the past, tons of support from my inspirations and a change in genre that I didn’t expect to happen. 2018 is going to be even bigger & better, big collaborations, fire solo releases and tour dates.”

-Lil Texas
-Burn The Disco
-Quickly Quickly
-Sober Rob

“This year took me down a street I never been through before, full of obstacles and rewards. Whatever 2018 holds I’m ready for it, and I’m hitting the ground running. This list means a lot to me because for as long as I’ve done this I’ve never felt any sort of recognition for what I do, so many days in silence and in darkness that are finally coming to light!”


“Super honored to be on such a dope list. 2017 has been an emotion roller coaster for us but this is the life we signed up for. We are going to fuck your ear pussies in 2018”

-Beauty Brains

“2017 was an odd year for me. I experimented a lot with new sounds and styles, but I think I found where I want my music to be headed. I’m super thankful and baffled that I was chosen for this list, and I promise that you guys aren’t ready for what’s to come in 2018 ;)”

-Havok Roth
-wave dash
-Jordan Comolli
-Part Native

“2017 was all about planting the seed. 2018 will be the blossoming.”
– Part Native

-Choppa Dunks
-Foreign Suspects
-Kovalenco Gennadi

Good Luck in 2018 to all the artists on and off the list.

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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