One of our favorite up and coming hip-hop artist in the game right now has to go to Kurt Rockmore. He’s toured all around with Hip-hop icons like G-eazy and Tory Lanez.  I mean this guy knows how to be the Life of The Party, which is actually the title of his newest album!

We decided to share some of our top picks off his Life of The Party album.  We’re really impressed with this project and highly recommend you give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.  Here is a message Kurt left on his SoundCloud:

I know, I’m the life of the party… I can out-drink anyone, I can stay up until the suns up, sleep for 2 hours and do it again. I spent most of my 20’s doing this, basically living like tomorrow isn’t promised all while being in love. Never do you think about how your actions are hurting someone else. But now, I’m older, I think I’m wiser, and I still come to the question… how do I want to proceed? I refer to myself as ‘you’ a lot on this project, ’cause as I’m writing these songs, I’m trying my best to question myself, as well as you, the listener. – Kurt Rockmore


Like a Party

This track epitomizes the idea of living life to the fullest in the most real way.  It begins slow with light mesmerizing guitar strings before the rumbling bass glides in at full force.  The chorus has definitely got that catchy vibe anyone can bounce to.

If you only have one life to go, what would you do, do you know? If you knew that tonight it would end, how would that evening be spent? Like a party…

Not only is this beat sick as fuck, but listen to those lyrics, they really get at you and make you think about the way you’re living life.  It’s a great reminder to just enjoy life from every angle. In other words, make every day you live “Like a Party.”

Stuck In My Ways

Hands down this is one of our favorites off his album.  Have you ever had thoughts about needing to change? This track speaks to everyone who’s just stuck in their ways and can’t seem to get out.

Not only is this a straight up dope-ass track, but there’s a truth in those lyrics that we sometimes don’t want to hear. Rockmore just embraces that.  Sure, we’ve all got things we need to change about ourselves, but you know what they say – old habits die hard.

Going Up

Grab your squad and turn the fuck up.  This track will have you head-bobbing from start to finish while reminiscing in those crazy-ass nights after one too many shots.  It’s got this fun, light, smooth beat that’s just uniquely game-changing.

Celebrate your growth. You and your homies, you and your homegirls…GO UP – KR

Really Like That

Another one of our top picks off Life of The Party goes to “Really Like That.”  Just like the rest of the songs on this album, it’s real, it’s raw, it’s relatable, and I feel every word he says is part of an experience.  You won’t know what I mean until you take a listen for yourself.


It really ends with a mic-drop moment after the last lyric line before cutting off into silence.

You on the edge, but you live your life. The unpredictable that’s what you really like.

Talking to the Stars

This track embodies the vision of striving for your dreams.  Don’t be afraid to dream whether it may be near or far. It’s a great message for those working for something to not lose hope.

Have you heard about the secret? Well, this song is the rappers version of that. Putting into the universe what I know is GOING to happen, not what might happen. I’ll see you all at the Grammys. its kind of crazy to say that now when I have no agent, no record label, no manager, no co-sign, but if you believe it, and you talk to the stars about it, your destiny will be cemented. Just put it in the universe, control your party, control your reason, and work towards it – KR


Check out the rest of Life of the Party below!

Connect with Kurt Rockmore: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Posted by:Nina Lakhiani

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