After a super fire year, nobody’s holding back as 2017 is coming to a close! This year has been filled with bangers, but check out these guys from this months starting 5! Yehme2, Dr.Fresch, Ricky Remedy, Nitti Gritti and Vargo killed November!


YEHME2! Josh Young is stepping out Chicago Illinois and not a stranger to the trap sound! His STM and STM2 (Steal This Mixtape) are his projects where during the month of May he produces a beat a day and releases a mixtape with each one of those tracks on it. Recently he worked with the bad bitch WHIPPED CREAM and made trap magic, by remixing A$AP FERGS “East Coast”. We all are super pumped to hear it live and watch as the crowd gets rachet!

Ricky Remedy


Ricky Duran better known as Ricky Remedy is a veteran in the game and has been putting out heat forever. Hailing from Miami ,he as some legendary tracks. From his keep it “100” and his “More Cowbell” remix to “Throwing Elbows” remix, all had the people going crazy! His most recent ballad “Home” is such a good vibes track, he makes you forget about the negative and focus on the positive in this lovely piece of work.

Nitti Gritti

Ricky ‘Nitti Gritti’ Mear is on fire and not stopping! So if you are in his way, MOVE HOE! Also from Miami, this man is GOOD and has a lot of love from the Trillvo family. His sound is just so orgasmic. It makes you either bob ya head, or activate those trap arms while you look at your friends and yell “yuuuuh”! He has been killing 2017, from crushing his sets at festivals and releasing lots of music, he deserves a spot in this list. “Blame On Me” is his most recent, super turn up track, and we’re putting the blame on him because it makes us turn up to another level.


Victoria Garces

Daaamn Daniel Pacheco! known as Vargo is the man with a plan. Straight out of Boardman, Oregon, he is mean with his tracks. From his jersey to his trap you will either twerk some or make a stank face and turn the fuck up! His last song is a jersey club remix to Remedy and Sza’sHome on a Weekend. We are loving how vibey but hella turnt it is!



Last but not least, Tony ‘Dr.’ Fresch”! Everybody loves getting down and groovy to some G-House! You can shuffle and really get down to these funky Fresch beats! (See what I did there). Coming out of Tiburon, California, he is getting people dancing from all over and he is not slowing up the pace! His latest banger is so good, touching up A$AP FERGS “Plane Jane” with some electric bass house is definitely one to cause mayhem!

This starting five should totally be on your playlist, and coming out of your speakers, because these boys are LIT!

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Twitter: @yehme2music

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Twitter: @DJNittiGritti

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Posted by:Jordan Platt

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