Winter is officially here and it’s cold as hell… forget layers and hats, just listen to this Space Jesus and Bleep Bloop collab on repeat to keep you warm – it’s straight heat!

We’ve been waiting for this gem since it’s teaser in Bleep Bloop’s PV500 mix tape – listen to the mix here. The wait was long but so worth it. The collab is the perfect mixture of Space Jesus’ influenced dark trap and funky synths with Bleep Bloop’s love for rap style vocals.

This is the type of music the aliens are jamming to at their underground warehouse parties – oh how we’d love to see that.

Both Bleep Bloop and Space Jesus have been on fire this year and only have more coming for us in 2018. You can purchase “Ichabod Crane” on Bandcamp – or click here. The track is $1.50 and all proceeds are being donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Connect with Space Jesus:  Soundcloud | Instagram
Connect with Bleep Bloop:  Soundcloud | Instagram


Posted by:Sarah Dickens

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