If you’ve been keeping up with Tascione, then you know that he’s one of Trillvo’s Top Producer’s to Watch Out For in 2018. Tascione is an absolutely stellar producer hailing from New Jersey, and he just dropped a monstrous trap remix to the acclaimed “Hot Drum” by Joyryde. His sound design is ridiculous and this track is no exception.


Tascione teased this track during one of his Facebook Live Streams in July of 2017. He was giving his opinion and pointers on tracks sent to him by viewers before he blessed us with sneak peeks into his own production. Be sure to like his Facebook Page for updates on new singles.

“Hot Drum” is originally a bouncy and energetic house song, but Tascione puts in a filthy trap twist. It begins with the familiar police sirens and looping vocals that occur in the original, before it falls into a deep and low horn interlude.

He then teases us by building up to where the original drop would have been, only to overwhelm you with even more suspense as another build up brews.

IG: @bummercitytown

Finally, Tascione gives us the goods with an insane synth lead put on top of driving bass and snares. We get a small break before he takes us back up for an energetic hardstyle drop turned trap in the second half. The wubs and the horns are real in this one.

If you like house, Joyryde, and trap music, this is the re-sauce for you.

Posted by:Wil Rios


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