Ah, December… you’ve already begun to a good start by blessing Texas with some snow showers – a rare thing for many, and perhaps never seen before by others.

EDM fam, now it’s our turn to give you something you’ve never seen before.  How about instead of handing the spotlight to one special raver, we shine it on two?

That’s right, December’s “A Rave in The Life” segment will feature a rave duo.  Maybe you’ve already heard of them, but if not don’t worry, you’ll know all about them soon enough.  Trillvo proudly presents – The Rave Siblings!

This is their logo!

We’ve heard those stories and had experiences about the EDM community bringing people together to make life-long friends, but what about bringing family closer?

Dustin and Lauren Scoggin really showcase how this scene brought them closer together in having something more in common than just their last name.

Families that rave together SLAY together!  Speaking of slay, you know damn well that’s all The Rave Siblings (RS) do when at a festival.

Note: when looking a this photo make sure Beyoncé’s “Formation” is playing in your head

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Even though the RS are originally from Beaumont, Texas, they now reside in different cities; Dustin living in Austin and Lauren in Houston.  However, distance isn’t enough to keep these two apart, raves and festivals are the ultimate escape where they get to reunite with each other – and most definitely FSU.

Accidents happen, but not all of them are bad.  The Rave Siblings were actually formed as an accident (it’s not what you’re thinking).

So we made the joint Instagram first to put all of the memories that we were making, and it kind of just caught on. We went from just our friends following us to a big jump of followers out of nowhere.  We’ve both been in the scene for quite some time, right now we are playing it by ear and seeing where things go. -RS



As close as Dustin and Lauren are now, things weren’t always that way.  They may have been siblings, but that doesn’t necessarily categorize as ‘friends.’  Friendship is something you have to work for together, and that’s exactly what they did.

I started raving in early 2014 with our OG rave fam, but at this time me and my sister, we didn’t really have much of a relationship.  I was living in Houston, she was still in high school back home. – Dustin

It wasn’t until months later that they eventually decided to go to their first rave together at Stereo Live, the beginning of a huge adventure.  Just like many of us have our rave squads, Dustin did too, and they each introduced Lauren into the scene in the sweetest way possible:

We all made our Kandi with lyrics to a Kaskade song, and each person in my original rave fam gave it to her as they introduced themselves to her, there was like 20 of us.  She had this whole sleeve of Kandi of a Kaskade song. – Dustin



There comes a certain turning point in our lives when we experience special moments, and what makes them so special can be a feeling, a connection, or a bond – for Dustin and Lauren it was all of them.

  When I asked them about a life-changing experience each one had, I was prepared to receive different answers of two different moments, but it didn’t happen that way.

It was Tiesto at Spring Awakening in 2015; for different reasons. I was watching Lauren during that set, she was crying and having this moment, she was definitely in her feels. I’ve been there and had that moment before, so to see my little sister experiencing something that I have in this scene was a special moment for me. – Dustin

Capture+_2017-11-16-20-12-43_resized (1)

C’mon, we’ve ALL been there, no shame.  If you haven’t cried during a phenomenal set…something’s wrong with you.


They may be physically bonded by blood, but just because they share DNA doesn’t mean they share the same taste (maybe just a little bit).  Lauren is all about that girl power, she’s got a special place for one of the top female DJ’s killing it in the scene, Alison Wonderland!

 “I’m super into Alison Wonderland, I wanna be on her spiritual level.” -Lauren


Us too Lauren, hopefully if we jam out to enough Alison that it’ll take us there.  As someone who works with Dustin, I’m very much aware of who his favorites are, considering music is always a topic on the table!

My special place is always going to be with artists like Getter and Excision…I love heavy hardcore dubstep – Dustin

Well…speaking of Getter, Dustin’s been mistaken for him enough times to maybe be called his long-lost twin.  I think all Dustin needs is a gift bow smacked on his forehead and they’ll truly be indistinguishable. You guys can be the judge of that!


When I met Getter the first time I told him ‘People tell me I look like you all the time,’ and he goes ‘Sorry we’re so ugly bro.’  – Dustin

EDM isn’t everything they listen to.  Lauren on one hand is into powerhouse Alanis Morissette, and honestly I’m glad I found someone who appreciates that woman as much as I do!

Dustin’s got this…sassy side, but in the best way possible.  I wondered, where does he get this diva sass from, but then he told me some of his favorites in the pop culture scene were artists like Beyoncé and Pink, anyone who’s got that real pop touch, and it all made sense.


The Community (Q &A)

Q: How has the EDM community changed you guys?

A: “It brought us together. We were siblings, but we weren’t really friends until we started raving and getting into the EDM world. This just gave us that opportunity to get to know each other all over again.”  –Dustin

A: “It brought us back together and it’s like we were best friends all over again. But also it’s a really cool experience for me because I lived in a small town where everyone was so judgmental and had to watch what they did all the time. So it’s cool to go to a place where you can just be yourself, act crazy, have a good time and not worry at all” – Lauren

Q:  Do you guys look up to other culture influencers? Who inspires you guys?

A:  Definitely Ray.  Before I became a writer for Ray, I was messaging her, I just wanted to be a part of Trillvo, you know? I would always send Lauren messages like, “check her out” and then Lauren got really influenced.”  – Dustin 

A: “Raychel. I look up to her, she’s so brave and started everything all alone” – Lauren

Q:  What does your life look like outside of the scene.  What do you do on a regular day-to-day basis?

A:  “For me, a lot of yoga, a lot of meditation, I’m super into all that stuff.  I had a lot of anxiety for a lot of time and one of my friends started doing yoga and I had similar issues as her. It completely just transformed through yoga and it’s given me a whole new confidence and I feel like I’ve really found my place.” – Lauren


A:  “For me it’s work, a 9-5 job.  I go to work, and then I come home and I usually just try to write.  I plan on going back to school for journalism.  Journalism and writing is something that I’ve always been into, but never thought it could be a career.” – Dustin

Not only is Dustin ½ of The Rave Siblings, but he’s also one of Trillvo’s very own team members!   If you’re a frequent reader for Trillvo, I can guarantee you have come across a few of Dustin’s articles.  You name it and he’s written it, from track reviews, show reviews, festival pre-coverage, and culture articles.

Capture+_2017-10-24-07-47-57_resized (1).png

Story Time

Sure they’re family, but even then we all like to pick on each other from time to time.

Lauren: “He used to walk me home from school sometimes, and it was April Fools day, but I was really young, so it didn’t register, I was in third grade.  He actually convinced me that our mom had died, so when I got home I thought she was a human spirit.”

Dustin: “I thought she would realize it was a joke when she saw her at home, but  she thought it was a ghost haunting her, so that made it worse. My parents gave me the silent treatment for like 2 weeks.” 

GOOD. As they should have!

The Mission

It all really started as a place for us to store our memories. We just started having people say hi to us, and have been blessed to be offered some great opportunities.

Our only real mission, is to share with people our love for music and how it brought us together. I think our ULTIMATE achievement would be able to throw an event representing all different types of art! We want to share our happiness while bringing love to music. – RS

Well their mission has just begun…because The Rave Siblings will now have their own segment on Trillvo.com!

We hope you learned a bit about them here, but follow them closely, they have so much in store for Trillvo.  So, if you ever spot them out in a festival (they’ll be at Lost Lands 2018) be sure to show them some love!


Follow The Rave Siblings: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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