With Holly and Sayer scheduled to do a B2B at this year’s Lights All Night Music Festival, we thought it only made sense to give you some double trouble with this week’s artist profile.



If you’re unfamiliar with Portugal’s DJ Holly, you need to reevaluate your life.  Since coming into the scene in the last few years, he has been noticed on several “Artist to Watch” lists.  One of those lists includes our Top Producers to Watch in 2018, so that itself should show you what this kid is made of.

Besides being signed by Borgore’s label ‘Buygore’, Holly has also collaborated with artists like 4B and Yheti.  He dropped three EP’s in two years, and has been playing festivals all over the world.

Holly’s unique bass tones and incredible sound design are certain to shine through at the 2017 Lights All Night Festival when he goes B2B with Sayer.



Sayer is an American Dj, who has dropped a seven-track EP titled, Human Failure.  These songs have no features with each and every track going harder than the next.

Sayer, is also a “newcomer” to the scene, only putting out his first EP a couple years ago.  However, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t already created a name for himself, opening for other bass-heavy artists like Bleep Bloop around the U.S. and putting out some dirty bass sounds.  Sayer is another name we feel will be around for awhile!

Lights All Night will not be the first time these two guys have made noise together. Earlier this year they released a nasty track, “Thistle”, and it blew our freaking minds. If this is a preview of what we can begin to expect from these two together at Lights All Night this year, we are ALL in for a treat!

If you still havn’t purchased your 2017 Lights All Night tickets, you can do so by clicking here. Use promo code: TRILLVOTX for discounted ticket prices!


Connect With Holly: Facebook|Soundcloud|Instagram

Connect With Sayer: Facebook|Soundcloud|Instagram

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