Two Owls come correct with their sophomore release on Circus Records. It will haunt you in the most seductive way possible.

Two Owls

“Dying Young” is a perfect title for this track. The darkness, in the end, is so final with these drops that hit so perfectly hard and profoundly heavy. It takes us all the way down, growing lower in time until it ends. Sporadically, the music returns to the melodic mixture of lyrics featuring Micah Martin and instrumentals that tickle our ear holes at the start. In the end, light and dark go back and forth, breathing in the sweet sorrow of parting, and finding comfort in a final embrace that is both terrifying and unimaginable.

In the depths of eternal darkness are flickers of a glimmering light, dimmed rays poking through, shimmering white on the dark image of a young girl in her final resting place. Tragic, but somehow romantic and seductive, a feeling that stays with you even after the track ends. This is gut-wrenching emotion, and electronic dance music made right.


Bask in the beautiful breakdown. Stare longingly at the album art for added effect.


TWO OWLS ‘Dying Young’ is out now!

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I am a music journalist, first and foremost. In a post-EDm world, I am here to uncover the deepest, darkest, secrets of culture, and share them with the world. So that we may eat, sleep, live, and breathe creative energy that will heal the world. "and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" -Nietzsche

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