Andrew Rayel is taking the trance scene by storm this year with his “Moment” album tour, big festival sets, and his recently created inHarmony Music label. Originally from Moldova, Andrei Rață (aka Andrew Rayel) is considered “the modern day Mozart” and is regarded as “the future of trance” by trance legends like Armin Van Buuren. Despite a busy travel schedule, Andrew was able to sit down with Trillvo and share some insight on a few of his recent 2017 accomplishments during this year’s edition of Dreamstate SoCal in California.

Credit: Da Black Swan for Insomniac
Credit: Da Black Swan for Insomniac

What inspired you to start the new label? How did this come about?

Andrew Rayel: I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time. The CEO of Armada Music was talking to me for about two years and was pushing me to open this label with Armada Music, and I didn’t really have time for that. I wanted to focus on my music and I was touring a lot. I thought when in the heck am I going to do all this. After I finished my second studio album this year, “MOMENT” back in May, I finished another three tracks right after and I was like, oh I feel very good, I feel very productive, I feel like I can do a lot of music in a short period of time, I feel like I can handle this. So I said it’s time to do it now, and I launched the label, it’s called inHarmony Music, distributed by Armada Music. And now I get to release my music on it, and I get to find new producers, I get to promote them, and release their music as well.

What is your vision for your label under Armada, inHarmony Music? Do you have a certain goal that you’re going for, certain artists?

Andrew Rayel: The biggest goal is to find talent and promote the talent into DJs or superstars that’ll be bigger than me one day and will make me proud and happy. I’ll just be old one day, and sleeping all day, and they’ll be working and traveling for me. [laughs] That’s a big dream, but obviously releasing quality music and a lot of that music going straight to my sets, which is improving my sets as well.

You’ve played at Dreamstate SoCal before, what are some of your favorite things about this year? Is there something new you’re excited about?

Andrew Rayel: Mostly I’m excited about all that music that no one has heard before, like I said I’ve been home for three weeks, I’ve gotten to produce a lot, that’s the good side of the whole thing, that I stayed home. I got to produce a lot of new music, I’ve never played it, no one has heard it…so I’m nervous and curious how people are going to react to that.

Do you have anything you want to share about upcoming music?

Andrew Rayel: Follow the inHarmony Music label page on Facebook, all the new music that’s coming up and news is on there. Everything is being premiered exclusively on my radio show, “Find Your Harmony Radioshow”. So, if you want to know what’s coming up on the label you have to tune in.

Credit: Jake West for Insomniac
Credit: Jake West for Insomniac

Trillvo is honored for the chance to catch up with Andrew Rayel at Dreamstate SoCal during Thanksgiving weekend. After all the new music and accomplishments during 2017, we can’t wait to see what Andrew surprises us with, in 2018. Make sure to stay up to date with the latest info and releases from inHarmony Music here

Checkout Andrew Rayel’s Set from Dreamstate SoCal 2017

Connect with Andrew Rayel

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