Christmas comes early this year. With help from some friends, the Kannibalen Records family has taken over the holiday with the second volume of the “All I Want For Christmas Is Bass” compilation. with tracks from YOOKiE, Seek N Destroy, Holly, Sullivan King & more.

YOOKiE  Drops a bass heavy original full of the completely original and unique sounds we’re so used to hearing from these brothers. Disparate from anything on the market.
Seek N Destroy Gives a bass house/ Electro heater, completely different and refreshing. Contrasting in all the right ways, with vocals proclaiming “Now I’m here bitch, So shut yo motha fucking mouth!”
Sullivan King remixes a Dabin & Apashe track with gorgeous, haunting vocals. Bringing in his trademark guitar sounds, he delivers an EDM/ Rockstar masterpiece the likes of which only he could create.
CARBIN One of the most recognizable new comer names, delivers an original track called Bad Habit which is his debut on Kannibalen and a definite banger.
TOP $HELF‘s contribution to this album is so unique, one of my favorites on the album. a unique crossover track blending multiple styles and genres for an almost jungle vibe.
Karluv Klub & Holly Team up for cult. This highly intense track is My favorite on the EP. The sounds on this track are HUGE, it’s something that if you walked by at a fest, it would stop you dead in your tracks.
Kedzie & Superwet drop venom, I wasnt a fan of the almost minute long intro but the rest of the track was definitely eye opening.
Mantis Brings classic dubstep that every headbanger will adore! An OG melody and metal vocals are the perfect touch for this bass filled track.

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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