Originally from Afula in northern Israel, Aviram Saharai & Matan Kadosh (aka Vini Vici) are leading the psytrance scene using a progressive twist. After the third person from their project Sesto Sento left, Vini Vici was formed to explore new ideas / concepts. Later on, FM Bookings and Iboga Records invited the duo to join their psytrance family (Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, etc.). With over a decade of producing experience and becoming the first psytrance artist to hit the overall Beatport Top 10 chart, Infected Mushroom has named the duo as one of the top psytrance artists right now. Well known for their track “The Tribe”, the duo also created a sub-genre under psytrance with their album Future Classics. Trillvo caught up with Vini Vici after the set to discuss festival highlights and the psytrance scene during this year’s edition of Dreamstate SoCal in San Bernardino, California.

Credit: Vini Vici
Credit: Vini Vici

What an amazing set at The Sequence stage, how did it go for you?

Vini Vici: Amazing, I couldn’t imagine to see such a huge success for psytrance as I did tonight. I am truly happy and proud. Before every big show, we try to plan some special mash ups or edits and try to give our 110% in each big show. As well for here, we did a couple of mash ups specially for this festival.  

What do you think about the hologram show at The Sequence stage?

Vini Vici: The hologram show was amazing. Iboga Records, one of my labels, is taking it to the next level with innovative elements like the hologram show. Iboga Records is pioneering and leading the psytrance scene to a bigger and newer place.

How do you feel about the current psytrance scene?

Vini Vici: Well, the psytrance scene is no doubt the best time we ever had because the underground scene is blooming and the commercial side is getting huge. Both worlds like the underground and commercial are getting huge and sold out and packed. Music is selling better than ever. Lots of new countries are getting exposed to the genre, so yeah this is the best time.

Do you have any upcoming surprises for the psytrance scene, such as new music?

Vini Vici: We’re always working on something new. The next release is with Astrix, one of the psytrance masters, which is going to be released in December. And after that we have a few more very very big collabs that I can’t really expose yet. A lot of surprises are coming.

If someone were to look at your iPod, what would they see as the last played song?

Vini Vici: Something between Arctic Monkeys to Daft Punk or even Radiohead and Bob Marley, these are my top four that I randomly play.

Do you have any closing thoughts for everyone at Dreamstate, the festival itself, or the future of Dreamstate?

Vini Vici: Well, Dreamstate did a huge service for the trance and psytrance world. It helped us build this beautiful bridge between this world. And I think they’re a huge factor in today’s trance scene in general. And I am very thankful for them.

Credit: Mitchel Tilley

Trillvo is honored for the chance to catch up with Vini Vici at Dreamstate SoCal during Thanksgiving weekend. The debut of the hologram show from Iboga Records was a huge success and a top fan favorite from Dreamstate SoCal.

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