We don’t often make articles about people that first pop up into the scene but this masked and unidentified person popped his head (and shovel) into EDM out of nowhere, is already being booked at the next 2 Rare Festivals, already has a huge following from some of the biggest names in EDM… and WTF… dropped a collab with Carnage that might be one of the biggest songs of the year?? Who is this freakin’ guy?

Photo By Posh Shoots.

Let’s do some research…

He’s going to be going B2B with Gommi at Rare who fans know to favor the hard sounds, particularly leaning towards hard psy at the moment. So, unless this guy is going to get up there and play trance with Gommi… he’s probably someone who makes/plays hard sounds.

Next, Let’s examine the shape of dude’s head. I mean… it’s clearly a guy, we think…

“It” has dainty hands so really there’s no telling but, this head shape… It’s very particular, very… upside down pyramid looking. Very… Asian? Maybe hispanic? Maybe white?

We actually learned nothing by examining his head shape, he could be anyone… sorry.


Next… That outfit. Fisherman by day? Petty thief by night? You can tell by his windbreaker that he’s 100% an actual DJ, no denying that. Rubbing his shoulder indicating maybe a past shoulder injury? Maybe he used to be a Chinese Chicken wrestler? Maybe a Canadian Hockey star…

I don’t think we learned much from his outfit either to be honest, sorry again.

What We can tell you… his new release with Carnage is INSANE and we have it for you RIGHT HERE! A hardstyle / festival trap / hard psy creation from the insane minds of Carnage and GRAVEDGR!



Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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