Name: Jason Broussard
Stage name: KNØTZ
Age: 25
Genre played: House, Future Bass, (various)
Favorite Emoji: 💁


Name: Said Jalajal
Stage name: SJPJ
Age: 24
Genre played: tech house, deep house, progressive, techno
Favorite Emoji: 😁


Name: Lorenzo A Damian
Stage name: RNZØ
Age: 19
Genre played: Bass House
Favorite Emoji: 🕵️‍♀️


Name: Guillermo Dickens
Stage Name: Gio
Age: 19
Genre played: Dubstep
Favorite Emoji: 👽


Name: Alexander C Engelmann
Stage name: Saylus
Age: 22
Genre played: Drum and Bass, Drumstep
Favorite Emoji: 🤘


Name: Dat Tien Tu
Stage name: DAT TU
Age: 25
Genre played: House, Pop dance, K-pop,
V-pop, Trap, Future bass
Favorite Emoji: 💦

unnamedName: Michael Swank
Stage name: M.E. SWANK
Age: 26
Genre played: Trap/Future beats
Favorite Emoji: 🌀

Being a DJ/producer in the modern world is a difficult thing. You can simply be a DJ, or just a producer. Each title requires its own craft and time to build. Just when you think you’ve made it, there’s always more to figure out…usually a lot more. This is when you start seeking guidance or help from others. Founders of the WhiteNoiize Collective, Jason Broussard (KNOTZ) and Said Jalajal (SJPJ), built the group to showcase up and coming artists through weekly/monthly guest releases and mixes.

“Having all these creative and talented people surrounding me. I think in a way we all push each other, and it makes us better as a whole. Also they are all just great people to be around” – Said Jalajal

Broussard and Jalajal came together to create WhiteNoiize in February 2017. Kicking off straight from the jump, they released a brand new track titled, “Blast Off” by SJPJ. Since then, they have added collective members (currently 7), released numerous of tracks/mixes, spotlighted many local producers, and the most recent addition – a monthly podcast with The Department of Dance, titled LocalNoiize.


I got the chance to sit down with some of the Boiz to discuss what being in a collective is all about. This was the first time they had 5 out of the 7 collective members in one room, so this was a special interview.

Check out our video interview below.

“Before the collective, I would have a song started but I was never able to finish it. So when I joined they always set a date for me to release a track & I would solely focus on that one track to meet the deadline. It has helped me a bit to discipline myself to work on a project & set a deadline to finish.” – Lorenzo A. Damian

Usually for our Local Lowdown artists, we have them put together an exclusive mix, but for this Lowdown we’ve curated a playlist. It was put together by the WhiteNoiize Boiz and myself. The first half of the playlist are songs that have inspired the collective members to create their own tracks. The second half are some of my favorite’s released from each collective member.

Enjoy the WNC Playlist below.

Follow the WhiteNoiize Collective


Posted by:Victoria Garces

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