K?d rings in 2018 right with this sound-bending masterpiece, “Glass.” He breaks through more than a proverbial ceiling here, smashing all the glass houses too. F*ck all the comparison and criticism; this kid is an artist in his own right.

Clearly, he has not been to sleep since sometime before 2015, even if y’all still sleeping on him. It seems otherwise physically impossible for him to have already done so much.

This track begins like breaking glass would sound, crushed to dust and spraying through the air like sparkles or snowflakes, A very prominent kick pounds away methodically, profound percussion serving its purpose.

Through a plethora of noises, samples industrial and raw, voices and whispers muffled by static and sound, resulting in a symphonic cacophony that is equally as jarring and chaotic as it is melodic and chill.

Things get super weird around 4:14, when this wonky, distorted horn drops in, totally unexpected and unheard before this climactic outro, like a distress signal possessed with panic, scrambling around like those weird wavy dancing things outside a Metro PCS store. It just fades slowly out into silence.

“Glass” shatters sonically, with heavy symbolism sending shimmering shards of sound, breaking glass in a metaphor that loses something with these words. K?d’s music speaks universally in its original form; it is simply understood.

In closing, a quote from Kanye West relevant to the k?d about to get it: “Unbreakable, what you thought they’d call me Mr. Glass?”

Happy New Year from k?d

k?d – Glass [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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Posted by:loribegins

If you read, you'll judge. -Kurt Cobain, Journals

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