Miami underground hard trap and dubstep DJ, Throwdown, is surely making a name for himself, one bass drop after another! He has blessed Miami with his heavy hitting sound while being supported by some of the top names in the game; 4B, Riot Ten, and Saymyname. Trillvo sat down with him to get the scoop on who Throwdown is, who has inspired him, and what we can expect from him in the future.

Who is Throwdown? Throwdown is who I feel that truly represents me. Always looking for ways to make people happy, to never forget that moment. Making every set and track last! I feel like my goal for this project is to try to stand out, try to make something unique. The name “ Throwdown “ itself just gives a summary of the type of music you would expect someone named “ Throwdown “ to play.

How long have you been djing and producing? I’ve been djing and producing for two years already. I started doing both at the same time. I actually remember I started djing off an app on my phone.  I saved up for my first ever mixer which was a Numark MixTrackPro and started learning from there. I used to play the drums and some guitar when I was younger.

Biggest inspiration music wise? Some of my biggest inspirations right now are definitely , , , and last but not least

What was the first show you played at that changed your life? I believe the first show that changed my life was definitely opening up for Dubloadz at Heart Nightclub! That was the first time I got off of the booth and really felt good about myself. I felt like I had really given it all at the time.

Dubloadz & Throwdown. Used from Throwdowns twitter.

How do you describe your sound? The genre you play? I don’t really stick fully to a genre. Don’t get me wrong, dubstep and heavy bass music is definitely my style but I can also shoot for like a hybrid trap/dubstep type of tune.

Working on anything big? Any future collabs? Yes, currently got about 4 collabs ready to go. Just waiting for release dates and promo email responses from blogs and records! A couple of big names. Super excited to release

Throwdown released his first original “Run It” on Christmas Day, a lovely banger for us filthy headbangers. This new single is stacked with grimy riddim and leads up to the bass drop that gets every headbanger hype and ready! This song, without a doubt, goes hard in the paint!

This young and upcoming DJ/producer is living up to his name, Throwdown. We see you!

Throwdown & D3V Photo Credit: Vinao95

Connect with Throwdown:

Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram

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