PARTY THIEVES has been working on this EP for nearly three years, and the wait was beyond worth it.  He teased us with the release of two of the four tracks on the EP; talk about teasing the Theft Army.

PT brought Basko, Sammy Adams, and Wells along for the Anarchy.  It’s like they are the Four Horsemen!

“GAMES” featuring Sammy Adams

Sammy adams Anarchy EP.jpg

Beginning the EP with a lighter and joyful note, PT proves that trap can be more than just heavy bass and complete mayhem.  Adding Sammy Adams and his vocals brings a turn up blissful vibe to an already joyous beat.


PT and Wells created a track that, in my opinion, embodies what this EP is all about.  Wells should seem familar to fans of PT, because this is not the first time they have collaborated.  In fact, they did a track together called “Realm,” which take a guess…slaps just like this.  From the bass hits, the snares, the leads, and the scream-o vocals before each drop, this is anarchy trap.


PT Anarchy ep.jpeg

For a long time, this track was rumored to be a PARTY THIEVES and Flosstradamus collaboration, but that clearly is not the case.  This is by far our favorite track on the EP.  I will always love the styles that got me into EDM – and trap was one of them.  This track is trap to a T and the only thing I wish is to hear this track live with the bass cranked up to eleven.


PT x Basko.jpg

PT and Basko absolutely murder this collaboration.  We wrote a review of this track when it was first released, y’all should check it out for sure.  Simply, the track slaps more than you know.

Overall, this EP was ‘one zero zero’ percent worth the wait.  2018 is looking like the year of the Theft Army and you have been warned.

Posted by:Zak Aslane

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