R3LL A JERZ Love Story EP

Ah R3LL. One of the pioneers of Jersey Club music has released his newest EP in the form of A JERZ Love Story. And wow, does this EP bang! Clearly the theme here is a journey of love through that addicting Jersey Club beat. With that being said, let’s get into this JERZ Love Story, shall we?

R3LL Pic

The EP instantly hooks you in with “Back Seat Lovin’ “. It’s the perfect opener as it sets that Jersey Club vibe oh so well. The middle of the track starts to get hot as the beat picks up the pace, until going back to that mellow yet uplifting tone. “Double Trouble” Is another banger that features Rell Rock’s impressive rap bars paired with a booty-shaking beat. This track sounds like a good love letter from every woman to her man, but with some attitude attached to it.

Now for my personal favorite, “Ride Dat.” I’m a big fan of Uniiqu3, so to see a collab with R3LL on this track instantly caught my attention, and the beat is absolutely infectious. This track is perfect for doing one thing and one thing only. Once you hear it you’ll know what I mean. The fourth and final song, “Back It Up” is a good closing as it hits you with some fast claps, vocal talent from Bleszt, and those gun-toting samples we all know and love.

R3LL continues to grow as an artist and as a pioneer for the Jersey Club music scene. This EP is another good step in the right direction, and continues to keep me hyped for where R3LL goes next.

For more on R3LL, check out his Soundcloud and follow him on his socials:

R3LL Soundcloud

R3LL Facebook

R3LL’s Twitter

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