You can’t deny how fucking LIT Carnage’s production game is. I mean, he dropped not one, but TWO dope tracks in one week. We’re still shook with “Learn How To Watch,” and now we’re blessed with this newest release “i SHYNE”. This is DJ Carnage’s second single from his upcoming sophomore album and first collaboration with the 17-year-old breakout rap artist, Lil Pump.

We already knew this track was going to be fire when we heard Lil Pump’s famous “ESKEEETITT” kick off the track into a sick ass beat. Straight up, love him or hate him, Lil Pump is going hard and just killed it with those lyrics. You couldn’t sleep on this collab even if you tried cause it’s slayin the decks.

It doesn’t matter if you got a plastic dollar sign chain on, with this song playing it’ll make you feel like a million bucks you don’t have #Eskeetit.

What’s with the cover art? We’re not really about to ignore that stark “i SHYNE” similarity to the uh… “i Carly” TV show logo…in case you haven’t noticed. Lil Pump’s crush on the i Carly star is no secret to the world and clearly he’s still got hope with the dedication of this cover art.

Listen below!

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Posted by:Nina Lakhiani

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