If you weren’t foaming at the mouth for more after hearing his beautiful remix of Deadmau5’s “Raise Your Weapon”, then this new EP from Fransis Derelle will surely give you even more of what you’ve been waiting for. Pixel Paradise surely lives up to its name as well. Find out how below.


“Hollywood Dream” is a powerful track with vocals from Lisa Cimorelli. “You’re just like a movie” are lyrics that have stuck with me and hearing the film reel in the background of the track only adds to that pixelated paradise type of vibe. The Future Bass in this track is insane.

“Bang” is a welcome change of pace as the theme of pixels is clear in the production of the track, but the song itself is a trap worthy banger once that drop hits. The progressive-style sounds are a nice touch as well. The second drop is even crazier than the first!

Fransis Derelle Bang

“Bankroll” featuring Born I Music, is probably the hardest banger on this EP. It’s another trap track, except this one’s a heavy hitter. That first drop is just the beginning because once the second drop hits, it comes at you full force. As good as the other three tracks that came before it is, “Slow” that is one of my personal favorites from the entire EP. Featuring both Kevin Flum & Effy, “Slow” is a beautiful future bass/R&B-inspired collab between Fransis Derelle and X&G. I absolutely love how the track sounds like one of those silent yet chill bangers. From the opening to the closing, this song evokes so many good vibes. It’s also the perfect ending song to round out the EP.

Photo from boomvalley.com

Fransis Derelle is definitely on his “A” game right now and doesn’t show any signs of stopping at all. Whatever he blesses our ears with next, Pixel Paradise is definitely the best way to start off what will surely be a big 2018 for Fransis.

For more Fransis Derelle, check out his Soundcloud and follow him on his socials. Links provided below:

Fransis Derelle’s Soundcloud

Fransis Derelle’s Facebook

Fransis Derelle’s YouTube Channel

Fransis Derelle Official Website

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