YUH! We back! We are starting 2018 with some shooters lighting up the scene already! We got KAYZO, CARNAGE, YEHME2, BAILO & FRANSIS DERELLE! These guys are hot af (mans is hot bruv).


Hayden Capuozzo; but the streets call him Kayzo! He’s coming fresh out of Houston, Texas and is ready to grab 2018 by the horns! Kayzo is going on a North America bus tour this year with 4B, DUBLOADZ, GAMMER, and JSTJR and that is going to be insane!

He just released his debut album titled Overload that came out January 19th, and it is a work of art. The eleven track album has some rail gripping, headbanging tracks, to some hard hybrid trap and of course some good ol’ hard Psy. With features from Devin Oliver, Micah Martin, and The Zealots, this album should be blaring through your speakers for a good while!

Diamanté Blackmon, but the people call him Carnage, Papi Gordo, OR Thirty Rack when he spits hot fire! Stepping out of Guatemala City, Guatemala he is not fucking around in 2018. He’s already dropped two hella dope tracks: “iSHYNE” with Lil Pump & “Learn How To Watch” with Mac Miller & MadeinTYO.

Carnage recently announced he is dropping his second album BATTERED BRUISED & BLOODY launching out of a speaker on March 2nd and we are excited af! Also, this man is going on a WORLD TOUR! With his own Rare Festival’s (one on February 2nd in El Paso) then the next day in SoCal. Papi Gordo is coming for you in 2018!


Josh young, but the hood calls him Yehme2, is sliding out of the city, that’s pretty windy, (Chicago you fools) and is ready to pop some speakers this year for sure!

He’s going on tour with the legend A-Trak, and to make things a little bit better they’re playing b2b! So a b2b with these two trap gods is bound to be lit as fuck! Josh recently remixed DJ Snakes’ “A Different Way”, and it’s the sexiest trap song I’ve ever heard! Y’all better get out of his way in 2018!


Gennaro Bailo, but the people call him Bailo, coming from Queens, New York and is ready to make 2018 his bitch! Gennaro just turned China out as he played shows on the last weekend of January. He recently took his own track “Flex” feat Rico Act and made a very Filthy hybrid riddim VIP that we can’t get enough of! I’m talking 100% pure filth face filthy!

Bailo also went and flipped Skenz&Ecto’s “Mortal Kombat” and oh my GAWD! That shit will make you lose your mind! Mr. Gennaro is also about to play Foam Wonderland in Austin, Texas on February 3rd, and is for sure going to give the crowd and the rest of 2018 the Bailo Treatment!


Antuane Walker, but the fans know him as Fransis Derelle! Coming straight from Hill Air Force Base in Utah, he’s ready to fuck 2018 up. A few days ago he released his second EP titled Pixel Paradise and it is a masterpiece. With features from Lisa Cimorelli, Mikey Ceaser, Born I Music, Kevin Flum&Effy! With these lovely vocals and amazing beats, this is one fire ass EP! Fransis Derelle is not to be fucked with in 2018!

Man these boys are coming out strong in 2018!


Kayzo Socials:Instagram |Facebook|Twitter

Carnage Socials: Instagram|Facebook|Twitter

Yehme2 Socials: Instagram|Facebook|Twitter

Bailo Socials: Instagram|Facebook |Twitter

Fransis Derelle Socials: Instagram|Facebook|Twitter

Posted by:Jordan Platt

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