Considered the “The Future of Trance Music” by Armada Music, the talented Ben Gold is one of the hottest producers of trance right now. In a little over a year, Ben’s first original tracks were signed to the biggest group at the time, “Trance Nation”. Recently, he created the official anthem for ASOT 750 and amazing remix of the Marcel Woods classic “Cherry Blossom”. Trillvo caught up with Ben Gold on the importance of trance at festivals, his new album Kingdoms, recent accomplishments, and more during this year’s edition of Dreamstate SoCal in San Bernardo, California.

Ben Gold - Edmboutique
Credit – Edmboutique

For a trance artists (such as yourself), how important is an all trance festivals like Dreamstate SoCal?

 Ben Gold: Huge trance festivals like Dreamstate are just as important for the fans of trance as they are for the artists that play at these events. Festivals are special for so many different reasons (a big night out with close friends, the opportunity to meet like-minded people, the chance to go all out with your costume, etc), but its the connection between DJ and festival attendee that make a festival great! Dreamstate is a great festival!  

You’ve previously played at Dreamstate, what were some of your favorite things about this year?

Ben Gold: Looking out from the stage and seeing just how much trance is apart of so many peoples lives is always my favorite thing…’s that connection. It’s really awesome to see friends and DJ’s from around the world here too.

When did you know producing and DJ’ing were what you wanted to do? What were some of the challenges that you faced up till now?

Ben Gold: I knew when I was 16 that I wanted to be involved with music, trance especially. Doing this job full-time is like any other job; good days, bad days, long days, etc…’s the passion for the music, which helps with overcoming this. This industry/scene is highly competitive with amazing talent so you have to keep your eye-on-the-ball all the time and keep pushing forward. 

What inspired you for Kingdoms? Did it take some time to develop the idea or even restructure it?

 Ben Gold: I wrote the melody some months before actually producing Kingdoms (which isn’t unusual for me). I played it at Tomorrowland for the first time and the reaction just blew me away. I made a few tweaks back in the studio then it was ready for release. It was a quicker-than-average record to produce, everything just fell onto the page! 

How did it feel to be selected by Armin Van Buuren as “Tune of the Week” in ASOT 838 and also earning “Trending Track” for ASOT 839?

Ben Gold: Achieving both of these accolades are equally as important I think; the feeling of Armin Van Buuren selecting your record as “Tune of The Week” will never get old and the “Trending Track” award shows that the listeners also agree, so this one is equally as special for me. 

What are some of your favorite trance moments from 2017? Do you have any special surprises or plans for 2018?

Ben Gold: I started 2017 with selling out an 8-hour solo show in Montreal, played at Dreamstate, Tomorrowland, Electronic Family and I closed A State Of Trance ADE Special, and I finished the year with releasing Kingdoms! I’ve been hard at work in the studio working on a mini-album project for 2018 which I’m super stoked for. I think you’re gonna love it! 

Ben Gold 3 - Onlythebest
Credit – Onlythebest

Trillvo was honored for the chance to catch up with Ben Gold at Dreamstate SoCal during Thanksgiving weekend. It was quite a year full of accomplishments for Ben who raised the bar yet another level in the trance scene. Make sure to checkout his latest track Kingdoms, it’ll get your heart pounding with those progressive trance and big room beats.

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Posted by:Mitch Tilley

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