Houston native and rising electronic music producer starts 2018 out with a bang! Kayzo, just released his debut album and wow, was it worth the wait. The 11-song album entitled OVERLOAD is a ride from beginning to end. Fans have been flooding social media with praise for the album. Be prepared for an overload (pun intended) of rock, pop-punk and screamo influences mixed with bass music of many genres sent from the heavens.

The album is constantly changing tempos – sometimes 3 or 4 times in a single song – and it definitely kept us on our toes while listening to it. The tracks explore many genres as well, like hardstyle, trap, dubstep and more. The ability to change tempos, genres and vibes so effortlessly displays Kayzo’s raw talent and love for the music. OVERLOAD veers off the mainstream EDM track and it’s unique sound is refreshing as well as exciting.

Photo by BRXVN

OVERLOAD shows an emotional side of Kazyo that plays on his love for emo music yet includes powerful drops full of energy and passion. He incorporates forceful vocalists like Micah Martin that push each track to the next level.” – Raytrill

The sound –

Kayzo didn’t waste any time getting to the bangers and starts off the album with “FOLLOW YOU.” The vocalist gives the song it’s rock vibe until we are hit in the face with bass. The change up on the second drop to a harder quicker tempo was unexpected and set the tone for the entire album. After just one song we knew we were in for one hell of an album.

“RIGHT ON TIME” starts off like everyone’s favorite pop-punk ballad until you’re surprised with a bass house drop that is guaranteed to get you off your feet. Once again the track is full of twists and turns that made us yearn for more.

Kayzo ends the album with “WAITING” and honestly, great title because we are all waiting for what Kayzo comes up with next. “WAITING” ends the album the way every album should end – with bone crushing bass bound to break every rail in town. We can’t wait to hear this one in a set.

“It’s so good, I don’t know what to do with my hands.” – Jordan Platt 

Photo by BRXVN

Stand out tracks –

“WE ARE THE MONSTERS” took me back to my days of loving Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil but added a dubstep twist and it’s a song I never knew I needed. This one will be on repeat for a while.

“NEVER ALONE” and “IN MY HEAD” are going to be crowd favorites, for sure. Honestly, we would pay good money to go to a Kayzo show where he simply plays this whole album from start to finish but these two songs in particular are going to stand out in his sets.

Photo by BRXVN

“Kayzo unleashes his emotions and thoughts, that were locked away in his mind and heart.” – Zak Aslane

The album from start to finish is an outstanding piece that flows as a single work of art and takes the listener on a wild ride of nostalgia, taking pit stops for some headbanging. Kayzo’s stand out album delivered to his fans and first time listeners, claimed the new year as his year to shine.

It’s no secret Kayzo had a huge year in 2017, playing huge festivals, making a side stage look like the main-stage at EDC, etc. However, 2018 is going to be even bigger for the young producer. We are excited to see everything he has in store for us on his overload tour!


Check out the album, OVERLOAD below and prepare yourselves for a trip down pop-punk memory lane while wearing your finest neck braces. Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Kayzo to get to know the man behind this banger of an album here. What’s your favorite song from Kayzo’s debut album?!

Connect with Kayzo – Souncloud Twitter | Instagram

Posted by:Sarah Dickens

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