Cover Photo by Kait Padgett

When I first met Johnny Bund, I knew he was an incredibly special individual with an amazing intellect and beautiful soul. His spirit and love for music shines through his laughter and deep philosophical speech. Johnny is the type of person people gravitate towards and Rapture is his baby.

Photo by Vikki G

One thing you need to  know about Rapture is the location changes for every party, and somehow… it seems Johnny is able to find bigger and better venues every single time.

For Rapture Inception, you can expect a completely new experience from the last, Johnny’s main goal is to make sure you never have the same experience that you had last time.

Photo by Kait Padgett

Johnny takes great care in catering to people’s needs and truly listening to everyone’s desires in a party. At the last rapture he had two giant stages; one for trance, electro, big room and house and one for all the spectrums of the bass genres. This time, Johnny has added a THIRD stage for techno!

Mr. Bund puts tons of thought into curating a local lineup, making sure not to repeat and giving legends a chance to shine as well. Last rapture, he got Parker Clark to come out and this time there’s legends like Wes Walz and Bjorn Larsen blessing the stages!


Johnny makes sure each party has unique activities… Last rapture he graced us with a table FULL of nerf guns of all shapes and sizes, 5 tables of giant jenga, and huge oversized beer pong! In fact there was an entire room just for activities!

H&K Multimedia

This year, there will be Bowling, Virtual reality, arts, crafts table and MORE… he likes to keep it all a surprise but we know he won’t repeat anything and bring all new fun and games for everyone in attendance.

As far as alcohol goes… Johnny buys a HUGE free supply for the party, but don’t forget that Rapture is BYOB and the free supply is only good while supplies last! He also makes sure he has cases on cases of water for every person who might need some during the event!

H&K Multimedia

The party goes on til 5am and provides, free parking and plenty of clean restrooms for you to use. The entry fee is $20.00 at the door! A couple new features we can tell you about it an information booth being provides along with a lost and found! There is also a place to charge your phones and jacks for cars along with help for anyone who might need an uber called!

Johnny also has merch for all ravers looking to remember the experience and the we rave hard booth will be on site as well!

Oh & PS! Flow toys welcome!

H&K Multimedia

“My thoughts on Rapture, I guess everything i’ve done up til’ now comes from the way i over analyze everything. Which is largely due to being an admin of neon shadows and personally connecting with this community. I read alot of what’s being said on there. Which in turn allowed me address alot of issues that would of prevented Rapture to see the kinda growth in popularity its seeing right now. For example, alot of complaints amongst the community is that “we forgotten about the music.” I disagree, i feel as if a lot of places have stop curating an experience which made the music feel less important or just the opposite can be true… some venues only focus on the music and have neglected the experience overall. I believe people on an individual level care about the music, every time i get into a car with a friend, its always “have you heard this song?” I think there’s a gap right now in houston, between the music and the experience. I was born in a country which valued balance, so i adopted this philosophy in cultivating this experience for you. I understand what people are looking for because this is all i did, every weekend for the past two years. I dont think theres anything special i’ve done with Rapture, what i did was removed my ego, listened and took action on what the people wanted. I bridge the passion for music with a fun experience. So with alot of patience, luck and the support of alot alot people, i’ve been given the privilege to share this experience with you. I hope to see you at rapture.” – Johnny Bund


Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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