SLANDER and SAYMYNAME just dropped one hell of a KILLER track with Insomniac Records, and that’s an understatement.  “I Can’t Escape” features the beautiful vocals from Feli Ferraro. Her soft, airy voice tingles through your ears with a delightful rasp, and before you know it a chill of goosebumps waves on your skin. You don’t just hear Ferraro singing, but you feel the power behind those words.

This song stands as such a relatable narrative for many people feeling stuck or trapped under all their emotion without a soul who understands what that feels like.

Why am I feeling so cold?
Lost myself for the night
I can feel in my bones


Piano melodies rise at the beginning as other orchestral instruments join in harmonic fusion. Every second is adding to the slow and steady build careful not to drive you away from being immersed in those deep feels. The chorus really binds those core chill elements to the pacing growing beat.

In my head, I feel it’s too late
I know that
I can’t escape

Right after these lyrics SLANDER and SAYMYNAME really wind it with a full 180 making it seem like you’re listening to two completely different tracks! The drop is nothing short of what’s expected of these two heavy hitters cause it goes way neck-breaking mode!


This drop is an electrifying static that will rumble through your brain and makes it slush. There’s nothing you can really do except stand there throwing out jazz hands because your fingers are the only things that can really move as sharp as this insane drop.

“We really love this track, because it is emotional and heavy all at the same time, and that’s what we were shooting for. Hope you guys enjoy it!” – SLANDER

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Posted by:Nina Lakhiani

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