As ravers, we all know that not everything about attending a show or festival is always fun, easy, or glamorous.  The long lines, the cold during the winter, the lack of water during the summer, the ruthless crowds, and the never-ending lines. So we here at Trillvo have compiled a list of different hacks you can use to make your next rave run even more smoothly!



Some of you may know this one already, but at most festivals, if you go to the medical tent they have cold bottles of water for people who need it. So at your next festival if you are rushing to that next stage to catch your favorite DJ and don’t have time to sit in the hydration station line. Run to the medical tent and tell them you have a friend who is overheated. This almost always works. (Also, they usually have Advil or other pain meds).

The Crowd

The Crowd

This one is one we all need to know. We’ve all been in that spot when your favorite artist is playing and you are trying to make your way to the front and you the crowd is just not budging. Here are a few things you can try this season!

  • Try the point and nod; act like you see your friend in the crowd in front of you and you need to get to them. Then once you get past that blockade, repeat!
  • Turn on your flashlight and pretend like you are looking for something important as you weasel your way thru the crowd.
  • Always enter in on the side further from the entrance, and get as close to the stage on the side as possible before going into the stage
  • Air pockets;  Ever notice when you are standing in a crowd and a pocket of open space opens up. This will continuously happen as you travel thru the crowd. Keep your eyes out for those pockets. They’re there no matter how large the crowd is. We promise!
  • A simple “excuse me” and “Plese/Thank you” always works too.

…and if you are ever trying to get out of the crowd. Simply act like you are about to puke. People will move!

The Cold

Sleeping Bags

Camping festivals are always fun, but we all know that camping at night in the North can be tuff. Especially, if you aren’t used to being in 50-degree weather. Here are a few things to bring with you next time to help you out!

  • Pocket Warmers; Put them in your socks, your pockets, your hands, EVERYWHERE! They work, we promise!
  • Propane heaters; put it in your tent with you at night and you’ll sleep like a baby!
  • Never forget your sleeping bags!

Sneaking Things In


We don’t need to know what you are sneaking in but here are a few things to think about if you live that life. (Trillvo does not condone sneaking things in.)

  • Put a little thought into it. If it seems too easy, there is probably a reason.
  • Guys! Wear compression shorts. A lot of times they have built in pockets in the crotch that is big enough to hide a good bit. If no compress shorts you know where to put it!
  • Long hair? Grab a rubber band, put what you need in your hair, and tie it up! It works!
  • Ladies; Most the time you all don’t get searched. There you go!
  • Camping, get a cheese it box, carefully open it up, put what you need in there, and carefully seal it with glue. Make sure you don’t make a mess. That’s a giveaway!
  • Sneaking in liquor? Try a sunscreen bottle!

We hope that you guys find some things you can use as this festival season fastly approaches. Be smart guys and have fun! New hacks are discovered every day, so stay tuned for a possible part II to this hack compilation!

Posted by:Dustin Scoggin

I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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