Keys N Krates

The moment we have been waiting for is finally here. After five EP’s since 2011 our favorite trio, Keys N Krates, have finally dropped their debut album Cura. The album is nine songs long and is a beautifully curated blend of their familiar percussion induced sounds, with sounds of classic hip-hop, R&B, some heartfelt electro and even some disco vibes. This album is different than some of the music we have heard from them in the past but still stays very true to who they are.

The Album Breakdown

The opening track “Inicio” sets the tone for the entire album. It is the soulful electro sound you will hear throughout the entire Cura journey and really sets the pace for what is to come. The song starts off slow and gradually builds, which in retrospect is a great way to describe how this whole album is laid out in general!

“Music to My Ears” is by far one of our favorite songs on the album. This track features Canadian singer/rapper Tory Lanez, who adds beautiful baby making vocals on tops of the already sexy beat. The track is one big metaphor where Lanez sings about music but you know he is describing love.

Listen when I play this, this is not a playlist
We’ve been on the same shit, I ain’t tryin’ to change shit
Got girls that be tryin’ to get famous, but they remain nameless
Saw you got me on a wait list, damn right, I’m awaitin’ this

Keys N Krates

If you haven’t heard this track yet, make sure you check it out below!

 “Cura” seems a little short to be the title track for the album, but we understand why they chose it. The song is beautifully simple. It’s the kind of song that anyone could listen to no matter their style or genre of music. It’s definitely a necessity to the flow of the album.

Glitter is the first single off of Cura. This track featured vocals from Ambre Perkins on top of a funk sounding melody. The track almost has that late 90’s Brandy feel to it. This was a smart choice by the trio to release this song as a teaser for what was to come and we were even more excited to see how nicely it flowed on the album.


I know you want let buku light in your life, yeah
I think I got that everything you desire
This side of moon could take you out of the darkness
Feels like we belong together

“Flute loop” is like nothing we’ve ever heard before. The track has these mesmerizing flutes being played throughout the song and is blended incredibly with that trap beat and hair rising drumline. This song has everything instrumental that our hearts desire.

Keys N Krates

“Something Wonderful” andHarps At Night” are what we are labeling the forget-ables for this album. There’s nothing wrong with these two tracks, and they are necessary for the flow of the album, but compared to the rest of the beauty coming off this album, these two tracks are the ones that stuck out the least.

Now let’s get to “My Night”this song feature 070 Shake on the vocals. Shake is a female rapper from Jersey, and if you haven’t heard from her, look her up! “My Night” is a perfect way to close out this debut album. It’s like if you started this album as the soundtrack to your night, this song is what summarizes where you have been and what you have done.


All in all, we are feeling this new sounding Key N Krates and what they are bringing to the table. It’s the perfect combination of what they have done and the direction they want to head. We do wish there were a few more tracks on this album, but if the biggest complaint is we want more than that just goes to show you what kind of art is being created here.

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