Cover Art by Vikki G

The Buygore tour made its way to Houston less than 2 weeks ago and we had the pleasure of being invited out to check out the long awaited tour. The Buygore tour is special because it brings artists to the city that might not be booked otherwise to headline the major venues in certain cities. Not only did the tour pay homage to some of dubstep and bass music’s finest artists, it showcased the up and comers of these genres that have proved themselves in every aspect.

The lineup switched per city so if you were lucky enough, you got to check out some long awaited favorites. Borgore brought the following people to join him on select dates:

Svdden Death
GG Magree
Ray Volpe
Axel Boy

Photo By Vikki G

When the tour came to Houston at Warehouse live, it hosted Dallas Local, Carlyle, WHIPPED CREAM, AFK B2B Svdden Death and of course, the Dad himself… Borgore

Photo By Vikki G

Carlyle kicked things off with some incredible house, the genre he’s so well known for. One thing I love was that he incorporated more bass into his already diverse range of house sub genres to appease the heavy bass crowd that filtered in through the doors of warehouse live.

Photo By Vikki G

By the time WHIPPED CREAM got on the crowd started to fill up! WHIPPED CREAM has been one of the team’s favorite new artists for awhile now and as per usual she did nothing short of putting on a legendary performance. Her stage presence wrapped up with her unique ability to tie in every single genre with heavy drawn out bass is superb as she effortlessly switched from her incredible original tracks to bass house and dubstep.

Photo By Vikki G

After WHIPPED CREAM stepped off, the HEAVY duo of AFK B2B Svdden Death graced the stage.

AFK B2B Svdden Death; Photo By Vikki G

Known for insane tracks like Boss – AFK and Svdden Gore, a collab from Borgore and Svdden Death… These two bass monsters destroyed the stage. Head bangers rejoiced as riddim and dub vibrated the old warehouse in downtown Houston! The pair works so well together, almost as if competing to drop the hardest track next. It was a joy to watch the two throw down!

Photo By Vikki G

Finally, the “Daddy” of dubstep took the stage. We had a viewing area to the left of the stage and I promise you… I tried to speak and my words vibrated, that’s how heavy the bass was rocking the platform we stood on. Borgore was amazing, he dropped the songs he’s so well known for like Nympho and Forbes along with his newer tracks such as Coco Puffs. Borgore didn’t disappoint, throwing down some of the best of the best in bass music! Ive never been a fan of him bringing girls up to twerk so I was happy that the show was 16+ so it wouldn’t have been appropriate, lmao. We all got to see Borgore and appreciate him for the music.

Photo By AMP; Andrew J Murillo

Overall, we at TRILLVO were thoroughly impressed with the buygore tour and the incredible fresh new talent it showcased. The buygore tour is finally coming to an end after one more date, if you didn’t get the chance to catch this incredible tour, take some time to search all the producers on the tour and get to know this captivating new talent.

Thank you to Disco Donnie Presents for having us!

Borgore, Captured by Vikki G

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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