Destructo’s “Let Be Friends” tour has been on everyone’s mind since it was announced, and just like everyone else we were anxious to see what the tour had in store for us! For this leg of the tour we felt blessed to know that not only would we be seeing Destructo, but also Dillion Nathaniel, and Dirty Birds very own Will Clarke. We just knew this was going to be the night of house music that Texas has been begging for and that it was.

Local Support

As if the people of Austin weren’t excited enough to be seeing three major names in house music, they were also excited to come out and support Austin’s very own, Andrew Parsons. Walking into the venue, the energy was high, and the crowd was becoming more pumped by the second as Andrew Parson’s played his set and began to set the tone of the night!

Dillon Nathaniel

Photo By Vikki G

Can we just take a second to discuss this kid? Dillon Nathaniel held nothing back and we expected nothing less. This set was incredible and had the whole crowd shuffling and dancing from start to finish. As the people began to roll in, you could feel the momentum rising and we knew instantly that we would be non-stop dancing all night long. One of my personal favorite moments was when he dropped “I got the power” by Snap, bringing me back to my childhood. I think few would disagree that Dillon Nathaniel brought the house down during his set. If you’re unfamiliar with who he is we highly recommend you become acquainted with him, like now!

Will Clarke 

This was a set I was excited to see. Never seeing Will Clarke before but being a fan of his the Barbershop radio show, we knew that this was going to be a must-see set. The UK DJ didn’t disappoint. His set was funky, fun, and high energy. It was a raising the bar effect, in the energy that was set by Dillon Nathaniel. Plus, he even hit us with some new tunes and brought out a personal favorite with Booty Percolatin’. We were lucky enough to get to sit down with Will Clarke before the show, so make sure you keep an eye out for that interview coming soon!


Photo By Vikki G

There is no doubt about it that Destructo knows how to work the crowd and that is exactly what he did. Playing well passed his scheduled end time, he was dropping banger after banger. His set was a fluid mix of house and trap, which hyped up the crowd, and gave them the ability to dance to wee hours of the morning. Dropping some Troyboi and Cardi B, but a personal favorite moment was when he dropped his new track with the legendary Busta Rhymes “Fuck This Shit Up”. The venue was intimate, giving you that feeling of watching a private show, and I think it really made us feel as though Destructo was saying “Let’s Be Friends”.

My photographer, Victoria Garcia, was able to see the “Let’s Be Friends” tour in two cities in Texas. Kingdom in Austin is a much more intimate setting show, but Spire in Houston is a much larger club setting. So I hit her up to see what the major difference between the two shows was, here is what she said:

Seeing Destructo, Will Clarke, & Dillon Nathaniel once is amazing, but being able to see them TWICE, in less than 48 hours, is incredible. Kingdom’s venue was the perfect place for these artists to come to. It’s super intimate, the vibes were immaculate. The bass rattled my insides like never before. When seeing them at Spire, my new home, it was definitely a different vibe. I think their sets reflected on that as well. It became a little more upbeat to accommodate the crowd but nevertheless, all three artists brought the same heavy heat they did in Austin. The sound of the VOID acoustics shook the entire church and had everyone dancing the night away.

The night was intimate and magical, so intimate that there was literally fans passing notes to Will Clarke during his set. All three artist had moments where they walked through the crowd and were interacting with fans. Which is definitely something you don’t see enough of in this industry! My photographer Victoria and I left extremely fulfilled with the vibes, the dancing, and the all around experience. The “Let’s Be Friends” tour continues, but we feel extra special because we were able to see the leg with two very special support artist Dillon Nathaniel and Will Clarke.


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