Video Credit Grimefest

This was my second GRIMEFEST and the better of the two, but don’t get it twisted, the mini fest was amazing both of the times I attended. I made the drive to Dallas to visit with 3 artists in particular, but was excited to witness all of these incredible artists throw down. The lineup held nothing back; the festival curated some of the filthiest in bass music.


The venue was dope, The green Elephant in Dallas was perfect for Grime. I only have one complaint, the Mainstage should be switched outside. The outside patio was the larger of the two areas and boasted a MUCH larger stage which in my opinion, should have held the larger names such as Hekler and Somnium Sound.

Above is a video of Blaize throwing down on the patio stage to give you a perspective of stage sizes. Below is a video of Codd Dubz throwing down on the inside, main stage.

It wasn’t that big of a deal though as every artists on both stage threw down! The crowd was a bass loving cult of fans that reacted intensely as possible to every wub. The crowd was sweaty and full of energy, it had all the vibes of an underground rave and we loved every minute of it.

My favorite set, and the most unique set, Hekler. He was one of the only DJs who played that incorporated trap into his set, the crowd was wary of it at first but quickly got into all the insane ID’s and drawn out bass drops of Hekers set.

D3V, from Florida, is a Texas favorite. Known for his heavy, crowd enticing sets that induce the moshpits and have earned him a growing fan base in the bass loving cities in Texas.

Blaize from Ausitn went B2B with another Texas resident, Nazaar! The B2B encompassed tons of unreleased tunes from each one of the artists and brought a raging energy to the patio!

The headliner, Somnium Sound, stole the show after Codd Dubz b2b D3V subbed in for a way too lit Xaebor who actually did not end up playing. 😥 his set was lathered with riddim and grime, capturing the audience and keeping the crown on his head.

Grimefest was a perfectly executed, Bass-filled, dirty, underground vibe that we recommend to filth loving, music addicts around the world.


Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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