Seems like all the Houston producers have really been coming out to play lately. From Xwire, Swank, Atwood, NONC3NTS to Mael… the gang has been putting their all into their art. IDK what’s been in the water lately but the artist’s in Houston have been on fire.

Photo by Vikki G

Mael, also known as Beron carpenter just dropped a brand new acid bass track called Upside down. We can see why he named it that; imagine exploring the upside down in Stranger Things… This would be playing, no doubt. The almost, “skrillex-esque” vibe of the song is incredible. Remember “First of the year” it’s so reminiscent of that vibe in a re-imagined way.

Photo By Vikki G

Mael’s track, from start to finish, showcases how talented he is as producer.  The intro is soft yet daunting and suspenseful; foreboding even. And each drop is an anxiety filled pull of bass and synths that tug at you from every angle.

We’re blown away with this one.

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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