Fresh from the legendary Astralwerks imprint, “Out My Mind” brings the chill and feel-good vibes using an incredible infusion of warm tones, acoustic guitars, and synths. The vocals are from Capitol Records artist Riley Clemmons, that sooth the heart with his bright yet energetic voice. While the track leans towards mainstream a bit, the production is really unique and it will connect with many listeners. 

In a recent interview with Forbes, Chad Cisneros from Tritonal points out that “it’s all about sort of feeling the exhilaration of really going out of your mind for somebody you connect with, and feeling the connectivity with somebody”. Tritonal later goes on to discuss overcoming addiction and anxiety through the healing power of music.

The new single is released under the Astralwerks record label, which distributes through Capitol Music Group. Click here to listen on Spotify. 

2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of Tritonal’s Enhanced Music imprint. Celebrating  a decade of musical influence and excellence, Tritonal will be hitting the road with the ‘10 Years of Enhanced Music’ tour that will see them perform at intimate venues across the country with support from Enhanced recording artists.

Photo Credit: Jason Fenmore

Connect with Tritonal

Connect with Astralwerks

Posted by:Mitch Tilley

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