When a community of like-minded individuals come together with ideas, and willpower to put those ideas to work, they can create something beautiful and awe-inspiring. That’s the case with SOCI.

SOCI stands for a Socially Outrageous Collective of Intelligence. It’s  a creative community and network of artists and creators that have come together to discover and promote hidden talent, take a creative lead in cultivating the Texas music scene, and promote transparency within themselves and to each other. Established in 2018, by Madhatter, the organization is headquartered in Austin, Texas, but will eventually spread out to all cities across Texas


The Index Vol. 1 is our first EP compilation release consisting of five electronic music producers/groups from our collective. Madhatter, Chow Chow, Champagne Poppers, BRAVO BRAVO and Cable Gvyz have all come together to create an exciting tour through the many hidden talents of the Texas underground music scene. The INDEX is a great representation of the diversity and talent of the Texas music scene with songs ranging from the soothing melodies of Future Bass to the destructive bass of Dubstep.

SOCI’s next steps are to plan more events in Texas to assist in organizing and coordinating the flourishing music scene as well as unearth more hidden talent.


  1. Madhatter – Wisdom Through Mystery
  2. Chow Chow – Cornea
  3. Champagne Poppers – Fallin
  4. Cable Gvyz – Ghettoblasta
  5. BRAVO BRAVO – Hanoi

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